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Why is Memorial Lot the Best Affordable Property Investment?

Posted by Golden Haven on July 7, 2021

Why is Memorial Lot the Best Affordable Property Investment?

Why is Memorial Lot the Best Affordable Property Investment?

Investment Property in the Philippines

Investing in the Philippines real estate market has been lucrative over the years. Moreover, researchers have seen the Philippines as a prime business location in Asia. Thus, more investors are attracted to the country to invest in the property sector, which drives the robust appreciation of properties in the country. Regardless, whether you have small or big capital, you can still invest in the real estate market. In addition, you could earn in property investment with or without having a license by wholesaling, flipping, rentals, and value appreciation.

Over the years, investment property in the country has a proven track record of steady income increase. Even with the pandemic, many of the properties in the Philippines is experiencing a stable demand. To sum up, investing in the property segment of the country will be a great choice, especially for long-term benefits.

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Affordable Type of Property Investment

Just like any other investment, various investors have different preferences when it comes to real estate investments. Despite the differences in real estate properties, all types have been experiencing significant growth for the past few years before the pandemic. Moreover, the preference of an investor in an investment property sometimes depends on their purchasing power.

According to data, young professionals and investors are not the only ones benefitting from the opportunity of the real estate market but also OFWs. In the following segment, you will see whether the type of property fits your criteria as a real estate investor.


One of the most common types of real estate is residential. These are condominiums, apartments, townhouses, condotel, and residences which are very popular with investors. Furthermore, investors earn with these properties by doing flipping, holding, and renting them out. Conclusively, these types of properties are lucrative, especially if you have good capital.

The most affordable residential property now starts at ₱ 1,175,000 considering that it is a good buy. Investors have the option of whether to pay the property on an installment or cash in full. On the whole, paying that amount of money in full might not be a great option considering that you are just starting.

Cost of Residential Investment

To show the cost of investing in a residential property, here are the breakdown of expenses. Notably, down payments are not the only amount that you should be preparing. Usually, down payments range from 10% to 30% of the property, which requires you to shell out an initial investment of ₱117,500-₱352,500. In addition, you’ll be applying for loans that require processing fees that cost around ₱1,000-₱7,000. Also, the appraisal fee helps you assess the just value of the property you are buying, and this cost around ₱3,500-₱5,500. Lastly, you have to consider transfer taxes and mortgages fees that will cost you around ₱20,000-₱30,000. Assuming that you will not do some renovations on the property, you can invest the amount of ₱142,000-₱395,000 to have your first property investment.

In terms of returns, many investors have earned well in the residential sector. With the growing demand for residential units, the residential property investment remains a stable and a good investment. Flipping, value appreciation, and renting out propose different returns in this type of investment. With flipping, you might get an ROI of more than 20%. However, it will require a lot of effort, such as renovations, which also need additional capital. While renting out and value appreciation can give you a return of 6%-18% yearly.

Land (Memorial Lots)

Another most popular type of real estate investment is Land. Many investors see Land as one of the best types of real estate investment as they generate high returns at a very affordable price. Similarly, with residential investment, you can earn with Land investment through flipping, value appreciation, and renting it out. However, renting your Land may not be a usual way for investors, but it is possible.

With tremendous research, it is evident that young professionals and overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) have started eyeing Land property as an investment since it requires less effort and yields high returns. In addition, there are many options when it comes to land investing however it may still be costly depending on various locations.

Memorial Lot Affordable Property Investment

Cost of Memorial Lots Investment

As a result of researching the different types of Land investments, memorial lots seem to be the most affordable type of investment with good returns. With the starting price of ₱55,000, your memorial lot can appreciate 20% per year. However, not all memorial lots offer this kind of lucrative investment, and only Golden Haven provides such investment to young professionals and OFWs.

Golden Haven, one of the leaders in professional Death Care development and services with the most beautiful and expansive memorial parks, columbaries in the Philippines, offers different death care services. Besides their beautiful memorials, they are known for the most lucrative memorial lots in the country. Furthermore, their memorial lots are very aggressive in terms of value appreciation because of their beautiful parks. Lastly, the capital requirement of a memorial lot with Golden Haven is very affordable, considering that it can even go 30% return yearly.

Also, in 2020, a proven track record of good value appreciation has been reported. Golden Haven Las Piñas reported a 2000% increase in the value of its memorial lots from 1998.

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Maximizing your profits

On the whole, both types of properties are exceptional in terms of returns. However, in terms of affordability, memorial lots are undeniably the best option. With the amount you will use for your first property investment, you can buy almost 4 four memorial lots giving you a guaranteed 20% return per lot yearly. In addition, many investors prefer Land as an investment property. The demand for them is just increasing, and it is evident that Land is limited.

Maximizing your profits

As a young professional and OFW, you might want to invest in real estate but don’t have enough time to go through the hassle and more costly process when purchasing your first investment. With years of experience in the industry, Golden Haven proudly offers their memorial lots have a stable value appreciation even with the pandemic.

About the Author:

Zores Miguel Declaro is an intern at Golden MV Holdings, a Financial Management student at De La Salle University-Manila.

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