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Top Funeral Floral Selections and their Meanings

Posted by Golden Haven on May 20, 2021

Written by: Peter Simon from Golden Haven Bauan, Batangas

When we love someone, we surprisingly find ourselves consistently finding ways to express it. And even at times even on the most bizarre ways imaginable. From a list of possible choices, we happen to pick that perfect gift for a person we truly care for. The moment you witness the smile on their faces, their word of gratitude is enough to make you feel happy.

For the best gifts are those that come with meanings. It can be an inside joke your partner share for over a decade. A simple breakfast on a bed you prepared on a lazy Sunday morning. It can also be a declaration of love engraved upon a music box in the tune of his/her favorite song. But what if the person you love is to receive one last gift from you? A last bouquet or arrangement of flowers, perhaps? What would be the perfect testament of your love? 

Top Funeral Floral Selections and their Meanings 

White Lilies  

Top Funereal Flowers and Their Meanings

Among the many selections of flowers you can choose from, lilies are undoubtedly the most common and the most popular funeral choice. Not only are lilies very appealing and relaxing to the eyes because of their natural white colors, but they are also symbolic of the purity, rebirth, and faith that come with the healing process. It is also believed that offering lilies is a prayer in disguise where one hopes that the soul of the departed returns to its natural, innocent form. Upon feeling the calming aroma brought by lilac arrangements, you can almost sense for yourself that the soul of your beloved is at peace. 

Christians use Easter lilies as symbols of Jesus Christ’s resurrection. It is even believed that with Virgin Mary’s tomb was decorated and covered with this assortment of flowers. 

It is also beautiful to know that lilies are considered social plants. They grow best in groups of three to five, and will not bloom to their finest forms if left to develop in isolation. 

Pink Carnations 

Top Funereal Flowers and Their Meanings

Probably the favorite of florists the world over when it comes to sympathy flowers, carnations is perfect for any arrangements as they harmonically blend with other blooms. Not only are they a sight to behold, but carnations are also fragrant as well, making them perfect for funeral services that last for several days. Though it comes in different colors, pink carnations are the best option if you prefer this selection because of their symbolic meaning. 

Pink carnations relay thoughts of remembrance and gratitude. Memories with our families and friends are lifelong treasures we’ll hold forever in our hearts. The smiles, snags, struggles, and victories we shared with these people are all worth celebrating. We live for these memories, and even when they are gone, these are worth holding on to. By giving a funeral flower, you want to express your fondness to these treasured memories then pink carnations are absolutely perfect. 

Carnations are also very prominent flowers of mythology and literature. The term ‘carnations’ etymologically means flower of the gods. There were claims stating that where Virgin Mary’s tears landed as she watched Jesus carry the cross of salvation, carnations bloomed. This also makes it a perfect gift for mother’s day because of its association with motherly love. 

Red Chrysanthemums 

Top Funereal Flowers and Their Meanings

One of the top funeral floral selections and its meaning is Chrysanthemums or mums for short. They are also some of the most common choices when it comes to funeral flower arrangements. In Japan, September 9 is celebrated as the National Chrysanthemum Day or the festival of happiness. European regions associate this with death, making it normal offerings in wakes. Because of these varying concepts associated with the flower from region to region, it is the only flower in this list that is a perfect choice both for beginning and ending – it emanates both as a symbol of birth and rebirth. 

However, even if the most common mums are gold in color, the most beautiful symbolism is associated with the red variant. They signify a life well lived with love. It means that the person, as numbered are his or her days are on this Earth with us, had a good run. That the person for whom these mums are for is someone who gave and received love, to and from the people whose lives were touched and changed by this person. 

Red Daffodils and/or Tulips 

These flowers are for the families and loved ones as much as it is dedicated to the departed. This particular arrangement brings hope and encouragement on what can be, for all reasons, the most difficult and heartbreaking moment of someone’s life. We hope that the soul of our loved one will move to the afterlife in peace . That it will perpetually be happy. We also hope that the bereaved will find solace from the promise of brighter and better days ahead. In some areas, red tulips also represent ‘True Love.’ 

If what you wish for by sending this endowment is a promise of new beginnings and renewals, you will never go wrong with a combination of daffodils and tulips. We want to show the grieving family that they are not and never alone. 

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The Perfect Gift 

Those are the “Top funeral floral selections and their meanings “. Any gift, regardless of its price or beauty, will never be enough if given without love. It is important to select the best flower possible for our departed loved one for the very last time. Keep in mind that t is also essential to know why we are giving this gift in the first place. I would rather have a single piece of rose from a treasured person than a bouquet from stranger. At the end of the day, the perfect gift or perfect floral arrangement is not the most expensive nor the most eye-catching, it is the one that carries the most amount of love, memories, and respect toward the receiver.  

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