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Memorial Lots Continue to Yield Good Return of Investment

Posted by Golden Haven on May 19, 2021

Written by: Zores Miguel Declaro

Memorial Lots Continue to Yield Good Return of Investment

Savings or Investment

People who earn cash have options where they use their money, and some use their hard-earned cash for expenses, savings, or investments. Ideally, a financially literate person will choose to save or invest their money, but debts should always come before people start saving or investing. Saving money is one step closer to financial independence. However, the value of money will decrease over time due to inflation which is a con of saving. Additionally, saving is a safe option for people who aim to be financially independent because their savings won’t decrease unless they withdraw. Unlike investment, it is not always assured to give you returns, and it could also lead you to losses depending on your investment option and strategy. Investing proposes a higher potential of having more money because it could grow over time. However, it requires more risk than saving. Saving is almost the same as investing. Investor or saver both set aside money, but the difference is you acquire an asset when investing, and you study its potential and risk. Ultimately, people save or invest for their retirement account or their pleasure, and it will always be dependent on their financial goals and risk tolerance.

Investment Options

Investment Options

For new investors, a time deposit is most appropriate because it helps you grow your money with very minimal risk. The depositor will earn 1 percent up to 4 percent of his savings account annually. To open a time deposit account, the depositor must choose a bank and prepare the requirements. Time deposit allows you to earn interest, in exchange, you cannot withdraw it for a specified period, and the reason for that is Financial institutions use your money and lend it to other institutions or investors in exchange for high interest rates.

Investment with great returns requires greater risk, specifically stocks. Stocks are security that makes you a shareholder of a company. The companies sell shares of their business to raise money. The money from the shareholders will be for innovation, expansion, or to pay off debt. Investing and trading are different from each other. Investors aim to profit from stock over a long time through buying and holding, while traders buy stocks and sell them immediately when they could already gain from the trade. Trading could generate good returns within a short amount of time but could lead to loss of your investment because trading is riskier. Lastly, Investing in stocks will help you build your wealth gradually, and your investment could grow 8 to 10 percent annually.

Real estate, evaluated as the best among investments for the long term. Examples of real estate investing are buying rental properties, buying lands, flipping houses. Real estate is a good investment because it can create ongoing passive income, and you can also earn through value appreciation of your properties. Properties are still risky since their value could increase or decrease. However, the land is different from other real estate investments since it is almost protected from depreciation, and its value appreciates year on year. Overall, Real estate is a good investment. However, a big amount of capital is a must to acquire such an investment.

To sum up, different investment options will always depend on your financial goals and risk. The majority of investors will always look for investments with great returns and minimal risk. After some thorough research, we found a worthy investment that poses a minimal risk with good returns that will be later on discussed through the paper.

Memorial Lot As an Investment

Investment Options Memorial Lots

People are afraid of death, so they neglect to prepare for it. The inevitable investment that most people fail to recognize is Memorial Lots. Death is a sensitive topic for everyone. Moreover, preparing for death is one thing that the majority neglects because death gives fear for every human regardless of whether you are preparing for your own or loved one’s death.

Death is constant no matter where you are, and this only means that there will always be a market for the death care industry. Therefore, demand will always be present in the death care industry regardless of what happens in the economy because death is inevitable.

Consequently, investors are attracted to something that has potential for growth and value, which is present in memorial lots. Memorial lots are proven to appreciate close to 20% annually, and the worth of memorial lots is a type of property secured from depreciation which is a good investment. Investing in memorial lots does not only benefit you with returns but also peace of mind and discount. Preparing for death as early as possible will save you time, and looking for memorial lots at-need is much expensive than buying at pre-need. Memorial lots investments are win-win whether you use it for its purpose or sell it in the future and earn through capital appreciation.

Memorial Lots Performance Over the Years as an Investment

In 1984, memorial lots of Golden Haven Memorial Park in Las Piñas with features of Spanish architecture were priced at “₱5,000” when it first opened. Currently, those memorial lots priced at ₱5,000 are now worth “₱378,000”. A 2240 percent increase of investment proves that the value appreciation of memorial lots is very high.

Moreover, in 2005, Golden Haven Memorial Park in Cebu offers a memorial lot with features of Italian design costing ₱25,000 and presently selling at ₱232,000. An increase of over 828 percent of an investment.

In 2017, Golden Haven Memorial Park in Antipolo offers a memorial lot for ₱65,000 when it first opened. And presently, the memorial lots are valued at ₱107,000, an increase of 64 percent. Within just four years, your investment gained a significant appreciation that no other investment could provide such returns with minimal risk.

In conclusion, memorial lots do provide good returns. The price appreciation ranges from 16-20 percent annually, which beats the yearly average return of other investments such as the stock market, which gives an average annual return of 6% to 8% of the investment. Additionally, time and returns are highly relative with this type of investment, and the longer time you give your investment, the greater the return.

Golden Haven Memorial Lots Projects High Appreciation Value in the Future

Among the death care industry, only Golden Haven Memorial Parks projects high appreciation value of memorial lots. The primary reason for their high appreciation value is that they have the most beautiful and expansive memorial parks, which is a valuable factor when choosing memorial lots as an investment.

Without a doubt, the memorial lots of Golden Haven Memorial Parks will appreciate value over time. The most affordable memorial lots of Golden Haven are ranging from “₱55,000-₱65,000”. Supposedly you are investing with Golden Haven and acquired a memorial lot, given the appreciation of 16-20 percent annually. In five years, your “₱55,000” will already be ₱99,000-₱110,000, which is almost double your investment, and this is not a risky investment which is very appealing to investors.

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About the author:

Zores Miguel Declaro is an intern at Golden MV Holdings, a Financial Management student at De La Salle University Manila.


  • Golden Haven is a member of the Villar Group of Companies and a subsidiary of Golden MV Holdings, Inc. The company continues to develop the most beautiful memorial parks in the country and is now the largest chain of memorial parks in the Philippines.

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