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Understanding Funeral Expenses and How to Manage Them

Posted by Golden Haven on May 30, 2023

Understanding funeral expenses and how to manage them is an important aspect of end-of-life planning. Funerals can be costly. Without proper preparation, they can become a financial burden on your loved ones during an already challenging time. By familiarizing yourself with funeral expenses and implementing strategies to manage them, you can ensure that your final arrangements align with your wishes while easing the financial impact on your family.

Funeral expenses typically include various components, such as:

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Funeral Service Fees

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This covers the basic services provided by the funeral home, including staff assistance, transportation, embalming, and coordination of the funeral ceremony. The best option would be availing packages as they really end up being cheaper than individual costs. At Golden Haven Chapels and Crematorium, aside from the basic services, they have special services such as butterfly release too. Viewing services start at around 80,000.00 and can go up depending on how premium the choice is.

Casket or Urn

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The cost of a casket or urn can vary significantly depending on the material, design, and customization options chosen. Casket prices in the Philippines can range from around 16,000.00 and can go on to millions depending on the design. There is usually a limited selection of regular funeral houses. For more premium choices for both urns and caskets, you may choose to employ the services of Golden Haven.

Burial or Cremation Costs

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These expenses include the plot or niche for burial, opening, and closing of the grave, and the headstone or marker. In the case of cremation, costs may involve the cremation process, an urn, and any additional services desired, such as a memorial service. At-need memorial properties really cost a lot due to the rush processing of transfers and permits. However, one can really save by buying pre-need. With the annual appreciation of real estate, memorial properties also become more expensive. By buying today, you can save a lot when it is needed.

Additional Services and Merchandise

This category includes items such as flowers, printed materials (e.g., funeral programs), obituary notices, and any other personalized touches or memorial items.

To manage funeral expenses effectively, consider the following steps:

Pre-planning and Prepaid Plans

Pre-planning your funeral allows you to make decisions in advance, ensuring that your wishes are known and documented. This can include selecting the type of service, burial or cremation preferences, and the specific funeral home or provider you wish to work with. Pre-planning enables you to lock in current prices and potentially save on future costs. Golden Haven’s long-standing partner and sister company, Golden Future Life Plans offer memorial plans. You may also avail the Golden Bundle, where Golden Haven and Golden Future joined together to help people plan for the inevitable. With the Golden Bundle, people can avail of memorial properties together with a memorial service of their choice.

Research and Comparison

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Take the time to research different funeral homes, service providers, and merchandise options. Compare prices and services offered by multiple providers to make informed decisions. Keep in mind that you have the right to select individual services rather than purchasing a package if it better suits your needs and budget.

Consider Alternative Options

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Explore alternative options for funeral arrangements. For example, cremation can be a more cost-effective alternative to traditional funerals. Additionally, consider house viewing services which may be able to save you the cost of renting a viewing room or a chapel. Golden Haven offers Tahanan services in which clients have the choice to have the viewing at home.

Communication and Transparency

Discuss your funeral preferences and financial considerations with your loved ones. Open communication can help ensure that everyone understands your wishes and can make informed decisions during the funeral planning process. Sharing your financial preparations, such as any funeral insurance or prepaid plans, can also alleviate concerns and uncertainties for your family.

By understanding funeral expenses and implementing strategies to manage them, you can alleviate the financial burden on your loved ones while ensuring that your final arrangements align with your wishes. Pre-planning, conducting research, exploring alternative options, and considering funeral insurance or prepaid plans can all contribute to a well-managed and financially responsible approach to funeral expenses.

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