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What are the Costs of Being Unprepared?

Posted by Golden Haven on May 2, 2021

Written By: Pocholo Hermoso 

The Costs of Being Unprepared” Benjamin Franklin, the founding father of the United States of America, brilliantly said that “by failing to prepare, we prepare to fail.” This quote should resonate with all of us, regardless of the context. Let us talk about the costs of unpreparedness in this article.

If we are aiming for a specific goal or making sure tragedy is avoided–preparation is a must to achieve good results. To name a few, this is why basketball teams hold training camps before a season. Why families evacuate in the face of a calamity, and why lockdowns are enforced during a pandemic.  

On the flip side, going back to the quote, not preparing or lacking preparation will lead to unfavorable outcomes. We cannot expect life to be in our favor if we are not ready for whatever it may be.  

For instance, one of life’s biggest heartbreaks is losing a loved one. We cannot be truly prepared for something like this. However, sometimes we do not take the needed measures to make life easier — making trying times even more tedious than they have to be. Consequently, the situation becomes a hassle, and in worse cases, unbearable.  

To properly prepare, we should invest in different death care properties and services to make the passing of a loved one easier on us.  

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Financial costs 

Memorial Plan Investment

One of the costs of being unprepared is dying in the Philippines is very expensive, particularly for the unprepared. For instance, the cost of a memorial lot bought at need is almost the same price of a second-hand house but on the other hand, good preparation will spell the difference. In Golden Haven branches in Manila, memorial park investments can start at around P40,000 for lawn lots, and go up to as high as P330,000. For memorial garden lots, the maximum one can spend is P2,800,00. For Mausoleums, prices range from P600,000 to P20,000,000.  

From the figures above, those are a lot of money for anyone. This can become an even worse problem if coupled with the lack of a plan for something like this.  

An example of not preparing for an unfortunate event like this is averting the topic of death. Generally, death is an avoided topic. These can lead to people refusing to invest in death care.  

This example of not preparing can be very monetarily costly. To illustrate a simulation, In the circumstance that someone dies or is dying and there’s no preparation done, the cost of everything involved will skyrocket. To give an idea, if prior investments were made, hospital bills and other related expenses would be the only thing to be paid by those left behind. On the contrary, making the decision to refuse to prepare will only lead to the costs pilling up. It can be financially overwhelming having to pay for healthcare and death care concurrently.  

Personal losses 

Preparing for the unseen future with Golden Haven memorial parks

As mentioned earlier, losing an individual who is very dear to us is very tragic for anyone. These occurrences cause us great anguish. No matter how much we think we are prepared mentally for worst, we will still get hurt by the eventual tragedy. Since the unnecessary stress added to grieving will most likely be mentally harmful, we must prepare for death to avoid this unnecessary stress this is one of the cost of being unprepared.

On the contrary, one costs of unpreparedness will lead to instances of experiencing ‘unnecessary stress’. To give an example, when a loved one’s time comes, those left behind are now hustling and rushing to make death care arrangements. To name a few, they would have to look for funeral services, a hearse to rent, burial service, engraving of keepsakes, and of course break the news to everyone involved.  

Imagine having to plan all of these while mourning a loss. By making arrangements early, mourning in peace will be the only thing left to do. 

Luxury of time  

What are the costs of being unprepared?

Another cost of unpreparedness is in the event of a loved one’s demise, time is either a luxury or an insufficiency. We get the former when we prepare. On the other hand, we will wish for more of it if we don’t prepare.  

When we make the proper arrangements — making death care investments and having death care services on standby especially early — the time remaining can be used to mourn the death and celebrate life. Nothing else.  

Inversely, if we refuse to change our cultural habits like avoiding death (and its required preparations) as a topic, as a result, we don’t make early investments. We put off these arrangements until the last minute. When reality catches up with that person, now that individual has to carry all the financial burden, like transactions with the deathcare industry. While one is scraping for time to make these arrangements, the time to mourn is running out. And one will regret losing all that time.  

Time is precious. So as early as possible, invest in deathcare properties and their service offerings. Aside from the business perspective of property investment, the luxury of time used for mourning will be worth it.  

Memorial Plan Investment with Golden Haven

One of the best death care service providers that offers memorial plans with considerable benefits is Golden Haven.  Golden Haven Memorial Parks aims to provide quality service across the country. The company now has more than 30 locations nationwide and it is continuously expanding all across the Philippines.  
Golden Haven also offers chapel services, cremation service, and funeral services. The company now has two branches located at Las Piñas City and Angeles City Pampanga. 
Tha company also plans to diversify its product offerings in order to give more options for its potential buyers. Golden Haven now also offers apartment niches and columbarium vaults in selected projects. Know more about Golden Haven’s product and services through this link.  

About us – Golden Haven Memorial Park is a subsidiary company of publicly listed Villar-owned Golden MV Holdings Inc., one of the largest real estate companies in the country. Golden Haven offers premium death care services, and its prime memorial lots are dubbed as the most lucrative real estate investment with an average of 20% annual value appreciation. 

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About the author:
Pocholo “Cholo” Hermoso is an intern at Golden MV Holdings. Currently in his 2nd year, finishing AB Communications at the Ateneo de Manila University.


  • Golden Haven is a member of the Villar Group of Companies and a subsidiary of Golden MV Holdings, Inc. The company continues to develop the most beautiful memorial parks in the country and is now the largest chain of memorial parks in the Philippines.

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