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Wisdom From Real Life Memorial Experiences

Posted by Golden Haven on July 9, 2021

A Golden Haven blog series on Words Of Wisdom From Real Life Memorial Experiences on Selling, Investments, & Life in General.

Words Of Wisdom From Real Life Memorial Experiences

What’s your memorial experiences?

When asked about how he became successful in his selling career, Mr. Brigido De Silva, or “Konsi Gido” to most of his acquaintances and to us here in Golden Haven, shared with us some of his early experiences in selling and knowledge about life in general.

When did you start your selling career?

I officially became an agent when I received my dual citizenship — Filipino citizenship and senior citizenship. I started for a Funeral Plan insurance company way back on 2008 and got promoted to a Sales Manager position shortly after. This was then followed by selling for an American Direct selling company for food supplements wherein I became a topnotch Sales Ambassador in sales. I also received a Ford Fiesta Car from the same company by simply reaching my target sales quota. Right now, I added memorial and residential lots to my porfolio of product offerings with Golden Haven.

So you’re telling us that you started late in your prime years? Wasn’t it hard to get clients?

I actually started selling to people of my age, my co-dual citizenship friends and acquaintances. It was, in all modesty, not that hard for me at all. Based from my experience, I learned that the value of having and developing networking skills from an early age is really important.

Dapat marunong ka makisama at makisalamuha sa iba’t ibang tao.

With that in mind, you will discover and learn many things. You can hone your communication and selling skills. It will really help you understand your client at a much profound level, and what’s more, you will then know the best options you can offer for them. You see, selling is not just simply about money — a deeper purpose is there when it comes to selling. You are actually there to help solve your clients’ problems.

When it comes to selling, do you believe that it is important to have a good reputation?

Aba’y oo naman.

I really believe that in order for you to be trustworthy so that your clients believe you, you must maintain a good reputation. In my case, before I went to selling, I was a municipal councilor for 15 years. I had been in public service for a very long time. That’s just a bonus, really. Aside from being a public servant, I managed to maintain a good, solid reputation. I guess that says a lot as to why I can easily convince my clients to purchase especially here at Golden Haven.

When you started selling with Golden Haven, what did you like most about it?

Selling Golden Haven is actually easier compared to other real estate products that I also handle. The memorial lot products are easy to discuss and the reservation process is both simple and hassle free.

Would you like to share with us some of your tricks or best practices when it comes to selling?

Having good relationship with your clients is the key. You should learn how to listen to them because that is one of the best ways for you to really know them. If you know your clients by heart, you can easily make them realize the value of what you are selling to them. Alam mo agad ano yung iooffer mo.

Like for selling Golden Haven memorial lots, if I talk to my clients for a while, I can know what products suit them. If they have a bigger family, I will offer Golden Haven Family Estate because I know for a fact that they can fully maximize it. And for my clients looking for an investment, I suggest lawn lots. This is because memorial lot products are best and easiest to resell when the time comes.

What do you want to say to other aspiring sales agents?

If I will be given a chance to become a sales agent at an earlier age, especially to my co-agents here at Golden Haven, I would have grabbed it. I would choose being a sales agent among other things. Being a sales agent gave me some of my life “Best High Moments”.

Kung mas bata bata pa ako, baka mas hataw pa ko kasi maliksi talga ako noon. Pero di hadlang ang edad. Kita mo nga ako senior na pero nag Top Sales Manager pa din. Masaya ang pagbebenta. Lagi nyo lang tatandaan na ang buhay ay nasa magandang samahan. Dyan ako natuto ng maraming aral sa buhay sa pakikisama at pakikisalamuha sa iba’t ibang tao.

Mag ahente ka, sipagan mo, at makakamit mo ang mga pangarap mo.

Brigido De Silva, 78
Sales Manager – Angels Group of R.A Gatus Realty
Awarded Golden Haven’s Top 8 Sales Manager for 2019-2020 Nationwide Category

Bought his brand new car with his commissions on being a Sales Agent for Golden Haven Memorial Park- Padre Garcia, Batangas.

If you wish to explore a career in selling just like Mr. Brigido De Silva, you can start here at Golden Haven. Just register here.

A Golden Haven blog series on Words Of Wisdom From Real Life Memorial Experiences on Selling, Investments, & Life in General written by Golden Haven Padre Garcia

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