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5 Benefits of Cremation

Posted by Golden Haven on December 6, 2022

The death of a loved one’s life is an unfortunate event that we have to normalize. After all, immortality is just a myth. All of us will leave this earth at some point, so there should be no shame in opening discourses about what happens next when someone lies on death bed already. As the most recalled notion says: “failing to plan is planning to fail.” As absurd as it sounds, it is a wise decision to plan for our memorial ceremony and other preferences related to it. Doing so can save a lot of our family’s time and resources.

With this, there have been two main ways of concluding a loved one’s funeral–by the conduct of a burial service or cremation. Burial is the process of placing the deceased in a coffin and then setting them six feet under the ground. On the other hand, cremation is the process of turning the biological body into ashes. The main determining factor of what to choose is the personal choice of the deceased’s immediate family.

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But to give more emphasis to cremation, choosing the said option can draw numerous benefits. Here are five of them:

1. Time Efficiency

To start, the cremation process requires a shorter completion time. The process of burning the deceased body is shorter than the process of embalming and preparation of the body for viewing. By asserting this choice explicitly before a person dies, settlements will be less burdensome for his loved ones since they already have an idea as to what to plan for ahead of time. 

2. Affordability

One of the most significant aspects for consideration is the cost. Cremation is more affordable in comparison to the regular burial service. The only significant cost to consider in cremation is the incineration procedure. Additionally, a columbarium is much cheaper than a memorial lot, whether it’s rent or an entire purchase.

3. Convenience in the Long Run

Also, an evident advantage of cremation is the convenience it causes for the bereaved family in the future. Besides the fact that electing this option only demands fewer resources, the deceased’s loved ones are less likely to meet any hassle after the funeral ceremony.

Since the deceased’s ashes are portable, if ever the family decides to move to another city, they can easily transfer the remains of their dearly departed into a columbarium located near their new home. Depending on the family’s discretion, they can also put it in their house.

4. Perceived Sustainability

Compared to the smoke produced by the incineration process, the environmental damage caused by burial services is less manageable. There is an increasing demand for wood that will be used for the construction of coffins. Furthermore, the embalming process requires the use of harmful chemicals for the surroundings.

5. More Creative Ceremonies

The overall process of cremation does not demand extra scrutiny. Only a few aspects and details are needed to organize this funeral choice. Cremation also allows room for creativity in the memorial process. The family may follow the departed’s wishes regarding where to put his remains. There are instances where they left instructions on what to do with their ashes, such as to spread them in the ocean. The ashes can also be divided among the family members. There are options where ashes can be placed in necklace pendants or mini jars. Everyone dear to the departed may bring a piece of him wherever they go.

Overall, the decision for the best interment option is dependent on the choice of the departed and the means of the family left behind. With all the benefits of cremation, it is something that more people should consider.

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