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5 Best Places to Visit in Iloilo

Posted by Ina Ledesma on May 6, 2022

As we grow older, it feels like time goes by faster and faster. So it’s so important to disregard negativity and stress, and enjoy every second of our life. Aside from spending time with your family, it is also important to give yourself the relaxation that you deserve. If you are living in Iloilo, surely you are blessed to see and experience the beauty and serenity that this place has in store for you. If you reside outside the area, then adding these places to your list of must-visits will be worth it.

List of 5 Best Places to Visit in Iloilo

1. Bucari Pine Forest

Bucari is located in Leon, Iloilo. It is the summer capital of Iloilo and is known as the “Little Baguio” because of its cool climate and highland attractions.  

The place is surrounded by verdant mountains and rolling hills. Leon has the wholesome, small-town charm of times long past, but its diversity of attractions never ceases to surprise visitors. You can enjoy hiking trails, cold springs, refreshing waterfalls, and pine forests all over the place. 

There are plenty of activities to do in Bucari!

  • Picnic and Camping at Pine Forest Campsite which is located at Sitio Tabionan. Every night, the temperatures drop, and fireflies can be seen dancing around.
  • Take a dip and cool off in Imoy Falls. The deep pool at its base is very picturesque and you can enjoy its beauty.
  • Visit V and M Flower farm to enjoy a farm stay where you can immerse yourself in nature and enjoy getting back to the basics in a relaxed atmosphere with a cool and stress-free environment.
  • Take a hike from the campsite in Tabionan that leads to the Mansiga View Deck, which provides an overlooking vista of Bucari’s Pine forest, vegetable terraces, and a glimpse of Iloilo City on a clear day.

2. Garin Farm

Garin Farm is located in San Joaquin, the southernmost town of Iloilo. It is an inland resort that integrates religion, leisure, and agriculture to create a farm, a recreational place, and a pilgrimage site all in one location. 

If you are an animal lover, you will surely appreciate the farm. You will see different animals that produce livestock such as Chicken, Goat, Carabao, Cow, Fish, and more. It is indeed a functional farm, where the production of their animals is also sold on-site, served in their restaurant, and supplied to different buyers. Walking around the farm will let you experience farm life. 

Aside from its agricultural features, Garin Farm has a lot of activities to offer you and your family. 

Zip Line, Swimming, Fishing, /Boating, Horseback riding, Buggy Car, and feeding the birds

But don’t go home without experiencing its Pilgrimage hill with 456 steps that feature nine biblical scenes. Once you reach the summit, you will see the big white cross as they recreated the usual notion of what heaven looks like.

3. Buruanga, Aklan

Buruanga is located on the western tip of Aklan. It is a coastal town facing the Sulu Sea. Experience its natural beauty and unspoiled land with white sand. It is the perfect adventure for nature lovers who wants to see the other side of the province.

Looking for a new, natural, exclusive, and tranquil beach resort?

Here are some of the Beach resorts in Buruanga:

  • TUBURAN COVE BEACH RESORT – It is a boutique beach resort that is nestled in the emerging tourist destination of Buruanga. The resort sits on a beautiful, private, and secluded white sand beach. 
  • HINUGTAN BEACH RESORT – Relax in paradise, surrounded by mountains and a pristine white beach. Enjoy the ocean view and natural wonders of the area. 
  • DEN PASAR NASOG VILLA – It is conveniently settled in the Oceanside of Buruanga. This place radiates a Balinese atmosphere with beautiful architectural Bali-inspired houses with a beautiful beachfront view.

Choosing a place for you to relax is an extremely important factor. So relaxing by the beach is the perfect place for you. It provides you with endless benefits for both the body and mind. 

4. Miag-ao Church

When you travel, don’t forget to visit a church and pray for safety and guidance while traveling. 

Miag-ao church is one of the oldest churches in the province of Iloilo that was completed in 1797. 

It is already listed as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. 

Miag-ao Church is also famous for the artistic sculptures that adorn its façade. It’s ideal to visit this church, may it be public or private vehicles. It will only take you 45 minutes from Iloilo City proper to arrive there. 

5. Golden Haven Memorial Park-Iloilo

Golden Haven Iloilo is the Villar Group’s gem in the region. The memorial park sits at the heart of San Jose, San Miguel and it is the finest park in the region. It boasts its theme park that is inspired by the Gardens of America and is also the first of its kind within the Province of Iloilo.

Golden Haven Iloilo is not just a memorial park. It is a place where you can visit your departed loved ones while enjoying the relaxed ambiance, beauty, and serenity of the park. If you love to take photos, you can have them in Butterfly Garden, Arcada De San Miguel, Sales Pavilion, Golden Haven Façade, etc.

You can also enjoy walking while watching the sunset, biking, jogging around the park, or even having a picnic with your loved ones.

Golden Haven is also open to investors. As it offers different inventories like Columbarium, Lawnlot, Garden Plot, Garden Niche, Family Patio, and Family Estate. Investing in memorial lots has shown to be a wise decision in recent years, and it is quickly becoming a trend nowadays. 

We choose to travel so we can relax and feel a stress-free life. But the question is while relaxing do you feel secure and have that peace of mind? It’s more important to feel secure and have that peace of mind while relaxing. That is why we should also be prepared for the inevitable, so as early as now you should invest in something that your future self will thank you for. Invest in your Peace of Mind, invest in Golden Haven.

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  • Ina is a Marketing Staff of Golden Haven Iloilo. She is a mom of one and she loves to spend most of her time cuddling with her daughter. She also loves to go for a long trip with her loved ones and cherishing every moment with them.

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