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Best Investment Ideas For OFWs This 2023

Posted by Golden Haven on January 26, 2023

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) sacrifice leaving their families, to chase greener pastures in other countries. You can’t blame them, especially when there are very limited income opportunities back home. They are forced to find better opportunities abroad.

However, OFWs won’t be working abroad forever and they will eventually come home and retire. By then, they’ll have no active income to rely on. Many OFWs fail to save and invest while working abroad because most of their money is sent home. They provide for their family’s basic needs, livelihood, and education. And sadly when they’re older and retire, they have nothing left for their retirement needs.

OFWs need to build their financial knowledge and their wealth because they can’t work abroad for the rest of their lives. Filipinos are known for being hardworking and determined but no amount of savings can provide financial freedom and security. It’s a must to invest and build multiple income streams to ensure the money will grow over time. Here are some beneficial investments that our dearest OFWs can venture on:

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Real Estate

The value of real estate properties increase over the years which is why it’s a must to invest in real estate. You can invest in condominium units apart from investing in your own home because it can provide you additional income.

The value of your real estate properties like your home and condo units appreciate over time especially if you want to sell the property or rent it out. For instance, owning apartments or condo units that can be put up for rental can be convenient and provide residual or passive income for OFWs.

Developers like Camella, Lumina, Brittany, and Vista Residences offer affordable housing in key cities within the Philippines. By purchasing


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If you are willing to invest for the long term, then investing in stocks is one of the most profitable investments you can start while working abroad. For one, the annual returns are high, or as much as 50%. You also get to invest and be a shareholder in giant companies at minimal risks.

While there may be some risks involved with stock investments, it’s no doubt that this investment vehicle can help grow your money. Make sure to thoroughly study whatever companies you’ll be investing in.


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One huge advantage of having a franchise business is that its systems are all set to run and operate from the get-go. Having a franchise business is another great investment idea for many OFWs. A franchise has a proven system that overrides the errors and associated risks.

Starting a franchise business need not be a pain even when you’re abroad. Your spouse or a family member can manage the franchise business and you can monitor things from afar.

Mutual Funds and Unit Investment Trust Funds (UITFs)

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One of the best ways to generate passive income especially if you don’t have a large risk appetite is to try mutual funds and UITFs. This way, you put your hard earned money under the care of professional fund managers who know how to handle your funds and find ways to increase them over time. 

With this type of investment, you don’t need to be an expert to do it and this is also perfect for busy people who don’t have time to manage a business. You don’t need a lot of money to get started with this investment. In fact, you can start for as low as Php1,000 and you don’t need to be hands-on. All you have to do is invest and wait as your money grows.

Memorial Lots

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Investing in Golden Haven memorial lots is one of the best ways to grow your money with zero effort or maintenance. Just like any real estate property, your memorial lots will appreciate in value over the years. So, the sooner you purchase a memorial lot, the better returns you could have. You can buy the memorial lots at an affordable price and even pay in installments. Then you can just watch as it appreciates in value over time.

Memorial lots can help you and your family prepare for the imminent. There is also much value in buying a pre-need in comparison to an at-need. Buying a memorial lot today can save you much more money than buying one when it is needed. For as low as 1,040 a month, you can purchase a Golden Haven lawn lot. With over 30 parks nationwide, surely there is a Golden Haven near your chosen location.

Meanwhile, owning Golden Haven memorial lots is likened to having other real estate investments that go up in value as the years pass by which you can resell in the future. With over 20% annual appreciation value, you can earn a lot by reselling the memorial property. It is easy to resell as there is a constant demand for memorial lots. Take Golden Haven Las Piñas for example. From a humble pricetag of 5,000.00 per lot, it now costs as much as 400,000.00. Time to make your money work for you, Kaibigan.

Know Which Investments Will Work for You

There are many ways to invest your money this 2023. As an OFW, you have to assess your investment portfolio and also risk appetite. This is to determine which investments will work for you. It is important to understand your investment objectives, financial capacity, pros and cons of the investment option, as well as your risk tolerance level to ensure that the options you choose can meet your investment goals.

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