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Golden Haven Cebu: The Spectacle Of Design And Landscape

Posted by Kat Largo on July 7, 2022

The island of Cebu is home to rich history and culture. It is a place where urban wonders and natural beauty are abundant and harmonious. One can enjoy mall-hopping one day, beach hunting the next, and still have dozens of spots to seek.

In the heart of the island is Cebu City. We can list on and on about the tourist spots we can visit here, however, let us peek inside one of its distinctive gems.

Welcome to Golden Haven Memorial Park-Cebu

Golden Haven Memorial Park Cebu is one, and if not, the most beautiful memorial park in the country. With not less than 13 hectares in size, the park encapsulates beauty and peace within its bounds.

The park started its development in 2002, and ever since, has continued to grow and bloom into the spectacle it is known for today.

The Art of Man and Nature

Golden Haven Memorial Park Cebu welcomes its visitors with both the wonders of its unique theme and the spacious open areas adorned with various trees and plants. So, what makes this park stand out?

Showcase of Architecture

Do you want to experience traveling outside the country within this park? That is definitely possible in Golden Haven-Cebu. The symbolic structures within the park can surely grab the attention of its visitors. Let’s take a tour of the location.

Butterfly Garden

Right as you enter the gates of the park, you are welcomed by the sight of flowering trees and bushes. When visiting departed families or friends, guests can take a break and appreciate the life around them.

Golden Haven Cebu gifted the public with this relaxing open space where families and visitors can hang out and take in the cool fresh air of the park. A butterfly garden is not what we may expect in a memorial park, but it surely is a wonderfully unique feature that surely captivates.

Moon Gate

Looking for a more grandiose view? Perhaps an out-of-the-country feeling? The Moon Gate beckons you to its walls.

The oriental-styled structure serves as a gateway to the island mausoleums. At whatever time of the day, guests are welcomed by this architectural beauty.


The Thereseum are three columbaries that serve as homage to the notable religious figures: Sta. Teresa de Avila, St. Mary of the Child Jesus, and Mother Teresa of Calcutta. These enclaves differ stand out from the other sights within the park due to their distinctive attributes.

Vatican Deck

Rising high within the park, the Vatican Deck overlooks the entire area. A statue of Pope John II marks this spot and is accompanied by a scenic viewing deck.

The Vatican Deck provides guests the opportunity to view the entire park and its surrounding areas. Who could not resist standing in awe of the beautiful landscape?

Imperial Garden

If you’re a fan of tranquil waters and a mood ideal for meditation, the park’s Imperial Garden. The greenery in this area matches perfectly with the structure and the mood it sets. This garden offers the “Zen Mode” that a lot of people crave amidst the busy and stressful days.

In touch with Mother Nature

Despite listing the numerous structures within the park, what really ties everything together is the natural view surrounding them. After all, no one can beat Mother Nature when it comes to creating beauty. Golden Haven Cebu gives so much importance to the environment and its landscaping.

To give a sense of serenity, the park embraces its visitors with its verdant topography. Blooming greenery and vibrant trees line the lawns and amenities. The beauty truly is overwhelmingly stunning.

Beautification and landscaping offer a lot of benefits for visitors and the environment. The park aims to give peace not only to the departed, but also to the living.


I can ramble on about the picture-perfect sight, but is there more to do in the park? Of course! Golden Haven Cebu offers more than just the usual funeral services. It opens its gates for various activities.

Photography and Videography

In need of a venue for a photo shoot or for filming? Golden Haven got you!

Throughout the years, the park has welcomed numerous individuals and groups who want to use its scenic views as their background for photoshoots, videos, and the like. You’re just a message away from your perfect backdrop.

Picnics and Get-Togethers

With its spacious and luscious grounds, the park is an excellent place to spend time with your family. Whether you are visiting a loved one in the park or taking a weekend off to bond, Golden Haven Cebu aims to provide a suitable atmosphere for you.

Just imagine an afternoon of feeling the soft breeze, good food to enjoy, and the comfort of togetherness. Spending time here creates an opportunity to get closer. As a result, it turns a simple event into a happy memory.

Exercise and Outdoor Activities

What other benefits does a park present? When you are offered peaceful paths and roads inside, you will be motivated to reach your fitness and wellness goals. Golden Haven Cebu is a desirable spot for people to jog, exercise, and meditate. Other outdoor activities such as biking and skateboarding are also welcomed.

Alone Time

On a serious note, maybe an energetic time is not what you need. Honestly, some of us yearn for the exact opposite of this.

If you are in looking for a place to relax and to think, then this place is an excellent choice. Rough times, good days, or confusing thoughts? Just take time to breathe and soak in the view. After all, there is a reason why there is “Haven” in the park’s name.

To Conclude

Aside from being the top death care service provider, Golden Haven Memorial Parks aim to keep providing excellent projects. Golden Haven-Cebu is proof of their beautiful vision.

With over 30 spots all over the country(and each with its own theme), why stop at one park? When sightseeing in different provinces, make sure to check for the nearest Golden Haven Memorial Park, and enjoy the view!


  • Katryn Largo is a Technical Service Staff of Golden Haven Memorial Park-Cebu. Although a civil engineer by profession, she enjoys creative writing as a hobby.

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