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Kapaligsuk Mo Man (You’re Too Morbid)

Posted by Mariane Jane Cadiz on June 22, 2022

There are a bunch of things in life that are inherently difficult to discuss. Such as one’s first heartbreak, unrequited love, forbidden feelings, divorce, the secrets we keep, and death.

As humans who have experienced our fair share of loss, it’s not always easy to talk about dying; or even anything that just instinctively means the end of something else. A famous author once said, “Death is not the opposite of life but an innate part of it”. Statistics show that there are 853,074 registered deaths in the Philippines for the year 2021–more than half the total birth in that year! This shows that while we have differences caused by our varying beliefs, experiences, culture, and life circumstances, the one thing we all have in common is that death is a significant part of our lives.

But if death is the one true certainty of life, why are we so afraid of broaching it? The answer is quite simple: denial. Many of us avoid the topic of death because it’s scary or morbid, and it just doesn’t fit the idea of life that we want. We work hard every day to achieve the goals that we want, such as building a beautiful home, owning the best cars, and getting hold of the latest gadgets available. But all these, in the face of death, become null. Thus, we push the thought of death to the back of our minds in an attempt to deny the fact that one day all the things we’ve worked so hard for, all our aspirations, will no longer be important.

The thought of death can be frightening, and understandably so! Because it comes with unpleasant feelings. However, the more we reject it, the more we deny ourselves and the people dear to us a peaceful passing and an opportunity to prepare and plan for the journey that we are all destined to cross. 

Like the popular quote says “death comes like a thief in the night”, often when we least expect it. And this is always heart-wrenching for those involved. 

And while grief for losing a loved one isn’t something one can prevent, taking measures to prepare for the inevitable is something that’s within our means.

For instance, investing in a death care and memorial plan. 

Now, preparing for the inevitable doesn’t have to be daunting. In fact, some argue that the process gives them a sense of peace knowing that by the time they’re no longer on this earth, their remains and their passing ceremony will be carefully handled by experts who can ensure that their last moments are respectfully and beautifully executed–the way they prefer their final days to be like. And it makes one feel at ease knowing that the life they’ve lived is celebrated and remembered.

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Why you should invest in death care and memorial plan

1. Your wishes are important

Death as they say isn’t the end. That is why it is very important to consider how you want your life to start in the eternal paradise. A funeral is a celebration of life and every life is unique, that is also why people have distinct desires on how their remains want to be arranged. Whether they prefer burial or cremation, how their funeral service and ceremony will look like, the music they want playing at their wake, the epitaph they want to be engraved on their tombstone, and even the way they want their dress to look on them. All these and other wishes can be freely expressed in a funeral plan.

2. To give your loved ones time to grieve

The passing of a loved one is a very tough time, making funeral plans just at the time of death is very difficult not only because of the lack of time but also because everyone is dealing with their grief. This is why making preparations is important.

Planning ahead can make it a bit easier for those left behind. At the end of the day, investing in care plans and memorial lots is as much about your family as it is about you. Being able to prepare and communicate your desires and values earlier would save a tremendous emotional and financial burden, and help your loved ones through a difficult time.

3. There’s a disparity in the prices of pre-need and at-need lots

Investing ahead gives you the luxury of time, options, and installment plans. Buying memorial lots when you need them can be costly and stressful. And there’s a huge difference between buying a pre-need lot and an at-need lot. Price is one of them, and availability is another.

The value of memorial lots increases over time, just like other real estate properties. So, if you want to get a memorial property at the best price, you have to get it at the earliest time possible.

Here’s a tip, you can even get more than one and resell them at a later time to earn extra money!

Memorial lots are considered a need. We will all need one eventually, so it’s practical to purchase one early.

Golden Haven Memorial Park: a Paradise on Land

Heaven, they say, is the place for eternal repose where the souls of the faithful come to rest. But our body is also an essential part of how we’ve come to life before we die, and our body also needs a paradise to lay here on our land. Golden Haven Memorial Parks are serene resting places for our dearly beloved that have gone ahead. 

Surely, life will be well-celebrated on Golden Haven’s themed parks with sprawling terrains made even more beautiful by the verdant greenery that evokes serenity and tranquility with countryside vibes, delighting the living to reminisce the lives spent with those long gone while appreciating the magic of nature.

Golden Haven offers memorial properties of varying sizes as well as memorial services like funeral and cremation, chapel services, restoration including make-up, flower arrangements, engraving, and others needed to name a few. 

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