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The Benefits of Slow Living

Posted by Golden Haven on July 1, 2022

Especially due to the incidence of a threatening event such as the COVID-19 pandemic–which, to date, still imposes fear on everyone who mustered enough courage and took a step away from their doorsteps–life seemed to be fast-paced. At this point, things happen instantly and people appear to be in a rush all the time. For most individuals, it seems like waking up resembles the task of unceasingly chasing one deadline after another. This rationalizes the heightened feelings of being left behind by the rest of the pack, as uncovered from the studies made by psychologists after movement restrictions lasted for over a year for most countries. But as cliché as it sounds, some say that going against the current is the best way to reach sweet success in the long run.

Contrary to what the world dictates, slow living has been one of the most promulgated mindsets by life coaches and lifestyle experts. From the word itself, this denotes the perception of life in adherence to the fundamental principle of order. Particularly, it should not be taken at its literal translation–this promotes the practice of living life at the right speed only. The common belief, which has been taught to children of different generations, reaching victory entails ticking off all the boxes on the to-do list as fast as you can. This imposes the notion that to win in life, one must always put himself in the position of a race. 

However, using a realistic lens, there is no need to rush when the topic at hand is the attainment of the personal goals that one has set for himself. The individual himself is and should always be the pacesetter of his own. And this is how the essence of employing the concept of slow living can be highlighted–by carefully scrutinizing each step taken on a specific pursuit, there are reduced chances of failure since the best possible option is more likely picked over the rest of the available choices. 

To further contextualize the totality of this mindset, the following are the benefits that anyone who desires to start practicing slow living can realize collectively:

1. Slow living gives an individual more time


At surface level, one may think that slow living can only lead to a relaxed approach to dealing with things in life which demands a longer time from the commencement to the entropy of his journey to a pursuit of any sort. But upon realizing how this mindset can change the way that person looks at the revolving circumstances around him, this benefit makes much sense. By practicing slow living, one frees his mind from distracting activities that he otherwise would not have identified. This provides a clearer view of the things that matter and should be given more time. As a result, wasted moments can be avoided and this can be spent instead to take his time off or do his habits.

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2. Slow living helps one to remain present in the moment.

With slow living, one can relieve himself from stress since he strives to deal with things individually. This moves him away from the unnecessary hassle brought by the attitude of excessive reactivity to circumstances that are yet to occur in the first place. With this, he can summon a greater focus on what life has to offer at the present. He can set well-defined goals and navigate means to efficiently attain the same. The past is a repository of valuable lessons and the future gives a reflection of how much progress one has rendered over time–but between them, the here and now reigns more superior. It is with what is happening at the moment where one can improve and grow, which aids in honing the sense of proactivity for the things that are about to come in the long run. 

3. Slow living assists in strengthening relationships with others. 


By inculcating the value of slow living in his daily life, an individual becomes stress-free and can attend to the needs of time and affection of his loved ones. Life is short, as everyone may have probably known due to the lessons brought by this ongoing global health crisis. Once a moment becomes wasted, one cannot take it back from a trash bin to relive it, rectify his mistakes, and make up for his shortcomings. Hence, this life mindset is of great value in igniting or reinvigorating the bonds that a person has with other people who he cherishes the most. 

4. Slow living helps one to establish a more rigid connection with nature.

A person who practices the mindset of slow living tends to meddle in silence for most of his time. This is because as one incorporates this viewpoint as part of his lifestyle, making decisions should not be done impulsively. He needs to take his time in coming up with his answer on a conflict or issue at hand. With this, he can appreciate more the comfort provided by nature and the environment around him. In the long run, this can ignite a collective change in his lifestyle–subscription to sustainable living practices, as long as the promulgation of means to be more eco-friendly citizens of this Earth, may be expected from him. 

5. Slow living can generate a sense of purpose and satisfaction.


By employing the mindset of slow living, one may find time to evaluate everything that is happening to himself. This gives him a chance to reflect on his current state, progress, pain points, and ambitions to pursue in the next few days. Spending enough time to contemplate the succeeding steps to take in life can amplify the values that he needs to carry on in achieving plausible and personal goals such as a better work-life balance and a greater degree of self-love. Observing how far he already came from the start, notwithstanding the remaining distance that he has toward the finish line, can further help him appreciate the person that he became due to the change in mindset that he did. 

These are only some of the hundreds of thousands of other reasons why employing the mindset of slow living is advantageous for anyone else. In a world where disarray and commotion are slowly becoming the new normal, resist the tides–show them how seeking greener pastures by recalibrating certain viewpoints in themselves can make them win and appreciate the precious gift of life.

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