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Landscaping and Beautification: What Makes Golden Haven Stand Out

Posted by Kat Largo on April 13, 2022

If someone approaches you and asks, where you usually like to hang out on a nice day, what would be your answer? On the occasion when you want to go on a picnic with your family or a quick jog with your fur baby, where will you go? You would probably pick a nearby public park or just the usual spots in your area. I am guessing that “memorial park” would not be one of the first picks.

Cemeteries have always been seen as morbid and scary places that would be perfect for a good horror movie. Just throw on some skeletons and creepy music and we have the perfect representation for them. Who in the world would consciously choose to relax and spend time here other than its intended use?

Throughout the years, the need for memorial grounds has constantly increased. Both public and private sectors have shown efforts to keep up with the demand. Lawn lots, columbaries, crematoriums – all offer the death care that the Filipinos try to secure. In the sea of death care providers, Golden Haven Memorial Park is one of the most noticeable. 

Golden Haven continues to grow throughout the country. Each project displays a unique set of designs based on its location. So, why is it important to emphasize and develop the beauty of memorial parks? How do the looks of a park affect its patrons? Can it give memorial parks a different purpose? Let us look at the benefits of landscaping and beautification of these places.

History and Culture

Historically, cemeteries are venues for cultural and artistic exhibits. Marvelous architectures and sculptures adorn these places throughout the world. Consequently, these places become monuments to celebrate the culture and history of the place.  

Let us take it this way: what usually lasts longer than an entire generation and reflects the status of its environment? Structures. We have monuments, statues, buildings, and bridges. These could withstand the wear and tear brought by time. They could outlive their builders and users. Despite this, they are still subject to change and replacement too.

Memorial parks and cemeteries are different though. It is not that common for them to be abandoned or destroyed. Decades from now, or even centuries, there is a great possibility that these parks continue to live on and develop – preserving the culture of their city. They would capture the beauty and lifestyle of our current times.

Golden Haven seeks to emulate this with the varied themes of each park. Visitors can appreciate and learn from the structures and scenes portrayed in the location. With over 30 different spots throughout the Philippines, the adventure of sightseeing and learning in the parks welcomes both clients and tourists.

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Tribute to the Departed

Why do we continue to make our departed loved ones feel appreciated? Memorial parks celebrate the life that was once part of ours. They convey respect and fondness for the memories. In this way, we continue to honor them by making sure they have a peaceful and caring environment.

We get the chance to continue spending time with the departed. Their story does not have to end when they pass. Surely, they also appreciate how their resting place is maintained and adored.

Friends, families, and relatives have the chance to relive and pass on the endearment even through different generations. Life continues to thrive and flourish even beyond death. Golden Haven makes sure to promote a family-oriented and homely atmosphere.

Health and Environmental Benefits

In a rapidly expanding urban setting, natural green spaces decrease due to the demand for more development. Although tree-planting activities plan to relieve this problem, this may not be enough. Natural reserves, protected areas, and parks reinforce the attempt to lessen the effects of pollution.

Memorial parks offer two major purposes: a final resting place, and a makeshift natural reserve. Most of these parks ensure the maintenance of a green and healthy environment to attract visitors. Different trees and various species of plants in their area embellish them.

Aside from this, landscaped memorial parks are open to the public for recreational activities. They encourage people to jog, stroll, hang out, and do other outdoor activities. Patrons get to enjoy the view and breathe in the fresh air in exchange. Parks motivate people to be active and appreciative of life and nature.


Who could not resist a good trip to a local tourist spot when traveling? In an era of social media influence, people would try to capture the adventure of traveling and breaks. Whether the trip is to a different place or just our local spots, we make sure that it is well documented so that we can revisit these fond memories.

As a result, the area around these sights also experiences changes due to the number of visitors they welcome. A beautiful memorial park that shows the beauty of nature? That is a sure hit for tourists. Wherever gorgeous scenery is, the tourism of the area definitely improves.

Spiritual Journey and Acceptance

Death is inevitable. Oftentimes though, people do not have the chance to prepare for it. Neither do their families. As a result, parting becomes loathed and difficult. We perceive it as an adversary that we could not escape.

We could not say that those claims are false though. Every person experiences the effects of death differently. There is always a beauty in it; however, most of us could not understand its relevance.

Beautiful and serene places help with reflection. A peaceful environment would help with self-assessment and acceptance. It is so easy to be carried away by sorrow when we do not have the time and space to breathe and think. Not only will we learn to make peace with death, but also we will eventually learn to understand the greater things in life.   

To Conclude

Every person has different reasons and preferences for their decision when choosing a final resting place. However, we could not deny that physical qualities do affect us mentally, emotionally, and even physically.

From the Spanish-themed memorial park in Las Piñas to the Italian-inspired design in Cebu, down to the beautiful enclaves of Cagayan De Oro, Golden Haven sets a standard for memorial gardens. Let us learn from their example. We can find beauty and purpose even when we least expect it.


  • Katryn Largo is a Technical Service Staff of Golden Haven Memorial Park-Cebu. Although a civil engineer by profession, she enjoys creative writing as a hobby.

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