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Reasons Why You Need to Occasionally Unplug From Technology

Posted by Golden Haven on July 21, 2022

Now more than ever, the significance of technology on human life has been greatly highlighted by its multifaceted functionalities. May it be in seeking the daily supplies needed at home, navigating the answers that will satisfy one’s queries, or expressing yourself to the public, modern-day gadgets are readily available for your use. Albeit the real-world reigns supreme over the virtual space, it is an undeniable fact that the latter simulates an approximate version of the former–since most life processes are slowly being digitized, it just makes sense that most individuals are comfortable shedding a piece of their existence within the realm of the online world.

In this light, there has been a distressing phenomenon of being excessively fixated on technology and the internet in recent years. Individuals who are experiencing it are observed to have a higher degree of inclination in virtual space that resembles an addictive behavior toward the same. They treat these electronic devices as their pathway to a world wherein the pleasures and struggles that they confront are the ones that only they can fathom. They are detached from reality which imposes danger, especially if not mitigated, as it can lead to disrupted social aptitudes or even cognitive impairments.

Thus, from time to time, you must practice unplugging yourself from technology, live in the moment with real people, and face pragmatic conflicts as they come along your way. To further rationalize this notion, here are some of the reasons why getting disconnected from technological advancements is a must:

1. It reduces stress

reduce stress

The context of digital stress has been amplified by several studies conducted by psychological experts–highlighting its harm to the overall well-being of individuals who might be affected by it. This condition is a kind of stress that emerges from the excessive inclination to technology that every single notification or comment by an account from an online platform becomes a big deal to an individual. 

Hence, taking a break from using technology and surfing the web can preserve your sanity and safeguard your mental health. When you ensure that you’re disconnected from your mobile device from time to time, you’ll be rewarded with the feeling of being liberated from any form of worry.

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2. It leaves you elated with your life

By detaching yourself from technology, you may appreciate the kind of life you already have; the one unseen by the eyes of the netizens, the one grounded within the realm of reality. This is because moving yourself away from social media sites for instance–which has been proven by numerous research to generate a sense of envy towards individuals with a greater hold on certain privileges in life and flaunt the same online–can make you realize that you can find contentment just by living at your own pace.

In the offline world, you don’t have to please or impress anyone. The only goals that you should be attaining are to keep doing things that ignite your passion and focus on matters that help you grow as an individual. And once you get a hang of this life, you may start worrying less about what the world has to say and care more about the path that you are individually taking.

3. It offers more time for a person to reflect


Whenever you choose to move away from technology, you unconsciously give yourself more time to enjoy the moment of silence and reflect on things that are happening within and around you. And in this world wherein unnecessary noises bombard people’s minds from left to right, it is a pleasure to avail the luxurious pleasure of solitude. 

Aside from getting that much-needed rest, having a moment where you can reflect has several benefits. It can give you a clearer viewpoint to see where you are currently at in the greater scheme of things and determine the pursuits that you are to take next in the long run to elevate your feelings of fulfillment and self-esteem.

4. It gives you the chance to connect on a personal level


If you disintegrate yourself from your gadgets, you are compelled to interact with the people around you. And it is never a bad thing–doing so can help you spark new connections or reignite dormant networks with others. Although it may be a challenging feat to start, you may end up finding happiness in the company of individuals as you venture into what life has yet to offer. 

In this world where most individuals are afraid to take a step out of their doorsteps to start a conversation, beg to differ–as you unplug yourself from the online world, you subsequently connect yourself with the reality that establishing personal relationships with people can totally change your outlook in life.

5. It encourages you to live in the moment

Exposing yourself too much to the virtual space can detach you from reality since you can practically simulate a version of your world there. Hence, to prevent experiencing delusion due to excessive use of technology, you must strive to unplug yourself from it occasionally and immerse yourself in the here and now.

Once the electric power runs out, your online presence is temporarily put on hold. However, this is not the case in the offline world–time keeps on running and wasted moments cannot be retrieved anymore for a second take. It is a no-brainer that life is short–sooner or later, all of us will have to leave this earthly place. So, why not live a well-lived life?

Moving away from technology should not be translated into throwing hate against the said output produced by the phenomenon of digitalization. Instead, it should be understood as a pursuit to achieve a balance between establishing an online presence while continuously living in the offline world at the end of the day. Surely, these innovative gadgets will forever be a part of your life–you cannot avoid using them since this is just the direction that the global community is currently leading. After all, these technological advancements have been of great help as they provide convenience and promote efficiency in almost every facet of human life. 

But the thing is, humans are meant to be social beings that are thriving within the realm of reality. So, although they benefit from technology, one must remember that too much of something can lead to a troublesome fate that, if embraced, can leave one person regretful for not going against the tide.

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