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Natural Ways to Improve Your Mood

Posted by Golden Haven on July 21, 2022

As much as you would like to wake up in a world filled with rainbows and butterflies, the reality of life will break it up to you that it is impossible. An individual is filled with various emotions–one cannot entirely spend one’s lifetime finding joy in every single circumstance that he or she may encounter. Paradoxically, this fact alone gives humanity such a vibrant color; the fusion of the brightness from happiness and the dimness from melancholy gives off the timeless iridescence of human existence. 

Relevantly, ever since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, human interactions have been discouraged to ensure that one remains safe from the lethal virus. The advent of modernization paved the way for an alternative channel where people can remain connected, but the fact remains that there is a sense of solitude that cannot be mended by the power of the internet and technological advancements. Hence, in recent years, there has been a surge in reports of cognitive conditions that are being confronted by people from all walks of life. Now more than ever, the cause that urges individuals to acknowledge and nurture mental health has been incredibly amplified.

At this point, if you feel like you are down the drain and you find yourself in a compromising position that makes you vulnerable to experiencing burnout, here are six ways on how you can naturally improve your mood:

1. Get some exercise


The worries that you are trying to settle with your mind creep into your physical well-being. Whenever you are mentally exhausted, it reflects with your body in the form of feeling weak and unable to do anything productive. Hence, to alleviate your mind, you should try to shake the negative energy off you by moving your body and doing some exercise.

Working out can fairly contribute to providing you with a clearer mindset that subsequently becomes helpful as you try to think of the next moves to get over your struggle. And evidently, this helps in strengthening your immunity that keeps you strong against threats that may hamper your well-being to sabotage your capability to function.

2. Consume nourishing meals

healthy food

You can take good care of your body to the next level by choosing the healthiest meals for your body. By doing so, you can concurrently develop a mental fortitude since good food benefit the mind as the former gives the vital nutrients for the latter to function. Albeit comfort foods are readily available, settling for a balanced diet can give you many benefits in the long run. 

Eating clean does not mean depriving yourself of having a stable relationship with food. From time to time, you can still make some space in your tummy for desserts as long as there is a sense of control. Scientifically, some treats such as dark chocolates contain properties that may harmonize the incidence of depression in an individual.

3. Immerse yourself in the outside world

If you remain encapsulated in the dark, you may find it hard to get out of the loop. Exposing yourself to fresh air for at least 30 minutes daily can boost your mood since doing so offers a refreshing scene to your eyesight. Also, essential nutrients such as vitamin D can be provided by sunshine which can reduce the growth of cancer cells, help control various infections, and improve the immunity of an individual.

Even though this is not the best time to stay outdoors for long periods, you can still enjoy your alone time with the outside world by paying a visit to open spaces such as memorial parks or community parks.

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4. Make time to do what interests you


When you feel heavy, consider doing your hobbies and activities that spark a sense of passion within you. It can be in the form of painting, writing content of your preference, playing with your pet, or even socializing with someone close to you. By adhering to this idea, you may garner feelings of satisfaction and accomplishment for doing something valuable despite feeling that you are in the middle of a slump.

Doing these kinds of activities can help in giving yourself a break in times when you feel like there is so much noise that surrounds you. It paves the way for you to achieve a balance between feeling the gloomy emotions within you and doing something to manage the same. Simply put, this resembles the act of reigniting the fiery embers that you’ve always had in you.

5. Take all the rest that you need


After pouring the best effort that you can to alleviate your mood, you must ensure that you get plenty of sleep. Exhausting the remaining energy in you to endure such a long day deserves a rewarding prize so you can keep on going in the pursuit of bouncing back. After all, your physical body has its limits–trying to go beyond your boundaries can only put you to great harm.

Having enough sleep is necessary to allow your mind to regenerate and develop as a bodily organ. Subsequently, this can give you a clearer headspace on the other day which can help you to continue rendering progress until you can fully alleviate your mood.

6. Find joy in the simplest ways

Another great way to improve your mood naturally is to appreciate the beauty of life in its simplest forms. Whenever you feel like surviving a day and being present with your current realities is almost an impossible feat to attain, consider looking around the environment where you belong. A little bird who is mustering its courage to take its first flight may mobilize you in the idea of trying once more to find the spark in you in living a well-lived life.

Take note that this idea is far from toxic positivity. Still, you must validate the other emotions that are present in you aside from joy. But the point is that you must never forget that there are always reasons why you should be thankful for every day–as simple as being able to wake up on a new day. As much as you must appreciate yourself on the good days, you must learn as well to love the entirety of your identity during the trying times that challenge your core. The concept of utopia is a dream state–life will not always work in your favor. But acknowledging this fact and recognizing the means that you can consider doing when faced with adversities like having a bad mood is a great step to easily get over it as it arrives right in front of you. 

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