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The Reasons Why You Should Practice Mindfulness

Posted by Golden Haven on May 27, 2022

You may have probably remembered that at least once in your life, someone older than you has reminded you to look after your steps so you would not stumble on your way somewhere. Growing up, your parents may have warned you to have a second thought on a decision that seemed to be a life-changing one. In school, your teacher would have instructed you to check your answer sheet first for any unshaded items before submitting it to them. The bottom line is that they have urged you, in all of those situations, to be mindful enough. What is it then?

Mindfulness is portraying enough attention to the present circumstances revolving around you. It entails a holistic way of checking out the facets of your identity–the condition of your mind, body, and spirit must be equitably attended to. It is living in the moment with a sound intellect to avoid being excessively reactive and render progress on all the endeavors in pursuit. By doing so, the level of your awareness of yourself and the environment where you are increases gradually. 

But there is so much more than that; your psychological, cognitive, and physical well-being are impacted by it as well. Hence, here are five reasons why you should start applying the said value in your everyday life:  

1. Mindfulness reduces stress

mindfulness reduces stress

By being mindful, you can manage stressors that are possibly going along your way and that very value can even help you save yourself from any future upset. When you introspect your actions–or the lack thereof–on the things happening in front of you as they unfold, you can pinpoint any indications of risks and troubles early on. And as you incorporate this into your daily living, you harness the quality of being proactive. With that, you can think of ways how you can mitigate, if not totally evade, the stress that you can get from such an unpleasant situation. 

Clinical studies also claimed that younger kids with higher levels of mindfulness, despite being firsthand witnesses of a disaster-induced trauma, are found to be less jolted by post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Thus, once imbibed, this key trait can also reduce your chances of suffering from mental health disorders–an increasingly alarming risk to date. It is a mighty weapon that can get you into places in such a world that is teeming with uncertainties and mysteries.

2. Mindfulness boosts happiness

mindfulness boosts happiness

With the value of mindfulness helping you to avoid absolute distress in the future, it follows that it plays a significant role in boosting your emotion of joy. Knowing that there are lesser chances of you getting bothered by any source of negative energy, you can afford to take a brief break from accommodating everyone that is on your plate to relax and enjoy the things that life may offer you. A stress-free life is a happy one, as they say.

Also, it cultivates an optimistic mindset in the long run. Since you are aware of the things that are happening around you, you may see hope in all your pursuits. That, by being less of a reactive and more of a productive type of individual, no mountain is too big to move. Albeit being energy-consuming, achieving goals is not purely impossible if you become mindful enough.

3. Mindfulness promotes healthier sleeping patterns and stronger memory retention.

Given the impressive effects that mindfulness has on your mind, it can also contribute to improving your sleeping patterns and memory retention level. Since your brain is excused from being exhausted by tons of stressors, it declutters its space for much more significant things that must be remembered. In exchange, you can spend long hours in bed at night and be more productive during the day since your brain is well-rested and can function more efficiently. 

Experts say that certain activities such as meditation in any form can help boost one’s mindfulness. Both the exercise and the value itself have a common denominator–it can help you be more attentive to details, and to recall the same during critical and crucial times.

4. Mindfulness elevates creativity levels

elevates creativity

Having a mind that is in a healthier state comes along with an increased possibility of uncovering your soft skills such as creativity. By being mindful of the circumstances presented right before you, you get to formulate more insights from the details that you take note of. And with this, an extensive thought process is incepted–leading to art of any form that the world deserves to witness.

Doing daily errands such as walking or running around the neighborhood, which require a small amount of effort and help improve your mindfulness, can help you think better and see the things around you through a much broader lens. You get to appreciate what something is truly worth since your psyche is not wandering around places and your mindset is not clouded by any stressors. And that is when appreciation of art begins. 

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5. Mindfulness aids in building stronger immunity

Also, practicing mindfulness can give you a much stronger immunity from tons of lethal diseases. Knowing that the said trait helps you in having a sound mind, your mental and emotional health is secured in a good place–and your physical well-being follows through, as they are equitably interdependent to each other. You get to appreciate your body and how it works for you, which makes you feel the responsibility of taking good care of it and avoiding circumstances that can lead you to abuse it. 

Having a strong immunity is pivotal, especially at times when one’s physical health can easily be compromised. And once infected, your world somehow stops spinning–you must lay on your bed and take a rest to be capable of recovering and being productive once more. As they say, health is wealth.

In a nutshell, mindfulness serves as a pathway for you to attain an ideal version of yourself. You can never be at par with perfection, but you can still strive to be strikingly “flawsome”. With that, make some effort to make sure that you become more mindful each time you wake up. Do physical activities that can give you a great rush to start things right. Always choose to feed your body and mind with healthy nutrients and contents. And make the most out of your energy–make sure that as your day flashes right before your eyes, it is definitely worth watching. 

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