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Ways to Celebrate Life Everyday

Posted by Golden Haven on July 14, 2022

The pursuit of attaining ambitions and rendering milestones can be a tough job for a person to carry. If you restlessly focus on what the future holds and fear meeting failure every step of the way, chances are you may end up being out of touch with the reality of the here and now. A fundamental fact about human nature that you must acknowledge is that progress is never linear; relapses are normal. 

Moreover, you are responsible for following your own timeline–contrary to what most individuals think, success is not a race on who can reach the end of the line in the shortest time possible. Hence, especially for those who felt like they have lost their way for not being able to meet their expectations for themselves, there is a need to take a pause and shift to a different perspective on living life.

As much as goal-orientedness yields positive impacts to you, being incredibly meticulous on every detail of the bigger picture can do you no good–as they say, too much of something can turn out to be bad. Thus, without putting those dreams on hold, you can say that you have a life well-lived daily. This can be done by learning how to maximize the moment brought by being fortunate enough to wake up on another morning and have the chance to seize a new day. 

With that said, here are seven ingenious ways how you can celebrate and appreciate the gift of life every day:

1. Start your day with gratitude

be grateful

Setting a positive ambiance early on can significantly affect your mood for the rest of the day. Start your day with gratitude. Be grateful for the warm sunshine, waking up in the morning, good health, the delicious scent of brewing coffee, and other little things. There are so many things to be thankful for!

Once it becomes a habit, this can eventually change your mindset of how you live daily–you’ll always be driven to strive for the best that you can do, instead of simply going back to your routine as if you are taking the gift of another day for granted. 

2. Appreciate your accomplishments so far

As you start another day with a grateful heart, you might want to take a look back on the things that you have successfully done to date. If you keep on looking at the gap between where you are currently at and the finish line that you’re chasing, you may end up having feelings of lower self-esteem and self-reliance since it may feel like you are only being fixated at one point as time passes by–where in fact, your small steps have helped you reach a great amount of distance from the starting line. 

Recognizing how far you’ve come already can give you the motivation to even push harder. By appreciating your potential of accomplishing things, you may be acquainted with the fact that all you need is to keep going since you’re never walking away from your ambitions. 

3. Loosen up a bit


With most people feeling that they should be in a rush at all times because of their fear of being left behind, beg to differ–break away from unnecessary tension and stress. Life is never black and white, so might as well add pops of colors to make a new day as enthusiastic as it can be. Despite the number of things that you need and want to accomplish, you should always give yourself a moment to take a pause, breathe, and unleash the silly kid in you. Various emotions comprise humanity, so finding happiness in the things that you do–or seeking it through deviating from the stream of work that you currently have–is never a bad thing to do.

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4. Celebrate your small wins

Most people associate the accomplishment of a huge goal with the reward of living life.  However, there is no harm in recognizing your small wins along the way. Sometimes, the reason why you are stagnant in your pursuit of success is due to your deprivation of appreciation. And although it is validating to be praised by others, it must start with you–habitually, try to be a bit kinder to yourself by affording a small treat like a chocolate bar or a spa treatment after a tiring day. 

In times when you feel like you’re in a slump–which is relatively a normal element of progress–managing to get little things done is already a big move as you bounce back. Material rewards may not fully boost your morale to the greatest extent possible, but self-appreciation can contribute so much especially when you feel like you’ve lost your will and capability to carry on in life.

5. Spend time doing the things that you love.

In your free time, aside from ensuring that you have a generous amount of rest, try your best to release any negative energy in you by doing activities that you are most passionate about. This can be in the form of playing your favorite sport, cooking your comfort food, or exploring a new habit. This makes much sense because not doing so can hinder you from being fully productive and efficient since your mind is clouded by worries and anxiety. 

6. Tidy up your space


Another way to appreciate the gift of life daily is by treating your home as your sanctuary. Keeping the orderliness of your personal space can contribute to your productivity since a messy room can give off a tiring ambiance that can discourage you from putting your fullest effort to make things happen. Moreover, the habit of cleaning is a great way to release stress from your body since it requires a great number of movements to ensure that every corner of a place is squeaky clean.

7. Lend a helping hand

The indomitable effect brought by acts of kindness goes a long way. And unknown to many, the feelings of delight also extend to the one who gave help to the needy. This is because when you see firsthand the impact that a single act of yours has brought to another person’s life, you can feel a special level of satisfaction that makes you think that you live a life of purpose. In this way, you will be moved to do better every day and give back to the last, least, and lost every time there is an opportunity to do so.

Finding joy in the gift of life cannot be encapsulated by observing the habits featured in this list–there are pretty much other ways to celebrate life every day. What matters is that you always manage to wake up and sleep with a grateful heart because you know in yourself that you’ve been given another chance to be a better version of yourself for your good and the benefit of the people around you.

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