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What People Regret the Most Before Dying

Posted by Golden Haven on June 6, 2022

Life, as we know it, will meet entropy one way or another. It can be unexpected or slow, but it is bound to end whether you like it or not–thus the context “you only live once”. However, some people are not acquainted with this fact. There are choices and circumstances within and beyond their control that impede them from making the most out of living in this world. Hence, in their final moments in this earthly place, they are sinking into a stern void of regret.

There is no such thing as a perfect life, only a well-lived one. Hence, as imperfect as it is, you must still strive to make sure that you will not leave any stone unturned. With that said, here are six things that people regret the most before dying that you may want to be aware of:  

1. Not spending more time with the people that matter the most

Not spending more time with the people that matter the most

Often, you’ve been constantly reminded by your parents about the importance of studying hard enough early on to grab a decent job and earn enough to sustain the lifestyle that you aspire for your loved ones and yourself. But since you become preoccupied with making the most out of your capability to be productive, you are slowly lacking the opportunity to spend on the things that truly matter over time—those that money cannot buy.

Most people who are in their final days say that despite receiving all the rewards of your hard work, you obtain it at the expense of wasted moments with your loved ones that you can never get back. 

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2. Overworking


Nothing in this world comes for free—when you want something, there is always a price to pay. And given the fact that opportunity is one of the scarce resources, there is this high tendency for you to make the most out of it once it finds its way to you. You fear underperforming and delivering the bare minimum, knowing that someone greater than you may come anytime in the room and take your position away from you. And this is where the line that separates your value-added and the compensation provided for the same fades.

The “overworked, underpaid” culture is slowly becoming the new normal for most workplaces—you are compelled to finish a tumultuous number of tasks for an inequitable amount of pay. But more than this, your physical health deteriorates at a faster rate than that of others of the same age as you. This leads to further complications if left unattended, which prevents you from enjoying living life as according to the elders who have been under the same circumstances during their earlier years. Hence, a gentle reminder to act your wage.

3. Worrying too much

Worrying too much

For at least once in your life, you might have been prohibited by the fear factor of not being at par with other people’s expectations of you. May it be because of pre-existing anxiety induced by past trauma of any sort or just point-blank embarrassment of being in the limelight, you might have failed to maximize your utmost potential and uncover the answer to your “what if” question.

Most people became successful in battling that hurdle and managed to get the most of what life has to offer. But unfortunately, some fail to garner enough strength to debunk that fictitious line that separates them from the indomitable version of themselves. Realizing the person that you could’ve been had you braced yourself and taken the first step at a point in time when it’s too late is indeed a finger snap moment. 

4. Failing to stand up for themselves

Being displaced in unfavorable living conditions, some people are not fortunate enough to have a warm and righteous upbringing. And if you are acquainted with chaotic environments, the notion of the world’s irregularities seems to be inculcated in your mind. Thus, when someone uses intimidation or force to take advantage of you, you often end up accepting your fate since you have been told that that is how things work in life.

In the long run, these people who project aggression towards you can make you feel inferior over anyone else, or even to your true self for worse; you depict yourself as someone weaker than who you are. Hence, once abused, you’ll simply accept that you have been their prey—and the cycle continues. But once you discover too late that it’s way below what you’re worth, regret will devour you as you cannot go back to those moments to be your own warrior.

5. Refusing to forgive more


You may have heard that it takes a strong person to say sorry. However, it really takes a stronger person to forgive someone who sinned. But since some tend to be controlled by their own emotions, they fail to value that one thing that is far more important than their ego–relationships. And if you let yourself be consumed by anger, chances are you will end up living in a confined space, far from connections and intimacy.

But you cannot and should not live that way, for emotions are generally temporary. Refusing to find liberation and happiness through forgiveness means that you deprive yourself of living life the best way you can. Being pretentious and asserting that you would rather choose to have a solo flight for as long as you live will only cause you a heavy feeling of regret later. 

6. Chasing the wrong things in life

Not everyone is given the chance to choose freely the things that they want to pursue in life. Some have their stories all planned from the moment that they are conceived. While other parents understand the essence of giving their children their free will, some tend to push through with what they want their kids to become. And that’s when the youngster’s psyche is conditioned–there’s no other path to take than that which is dictated to them. 

Hence, if you’re put in the same scenario and managed to be accomplished enough to earn the privilege of choosing what suits you–or you’re fortunate enough to be born in a family that does not pressure you in any way–leverage it. Make sure that the decisions that you make, may they lead you to victories or learning experiences, will ultimately benefit you. Your life is yours, so choose the things that will help you towards being a fully self-actualized individual.

These are only some of the things that, if not given ample focus, may cause you to be regretful of your life during your final moments in this world. Nonetheless, what matters most is that you are aware that a moment in this earthly place only passes by. Once it’s gone, it’s over; there is no replay button to be found elsewhere. Thus, make your choices count and wake up each morning to live the best life–and do it all over again as long as you live the day after tomorrow. 

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