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5 Must-watch Inspiring Movies this Holy Week in Quarantine

Posted by Golden Haven on April 1, 2021

This week is a celebration of God’s faithfulness and goodness. During the Holy week, believers are expected to practice and carry on traditions as they observe during this time of the year. Most devout Christians would go to church as they express their faith. Some may enjoy a park visit to their departed loved ones while sharing stories and having a great time with each other’s company. Others may go to the beach and enjoy bathing in the sun and playing beach games, taking selfies and videos to keep happy memories.

But with the enhanced community quarantine, it seems that we are refrained to do such traditions. How can we nurture our spirituality, goodwill, and benevolence during this pandemic? Here are 5 must-watch inspiring movies this Holy week you can catch with your family by Golden Haven.

1. The Pursuit of Happiness

This movie is based on a true story about a man named Christopher Gardner. Gardner has invested heavily in a device known as a “bone density scanner”. He feels like he has it made selling these devices. He struggles to live his life because his wife left him with his son and unpaid apartment. Now he continues to sell the scanner to stay afloat and needs to outshine the competition through 6 months of training.

What is the lesson of The Pursuit of Happiness?

This is one of the must-watch movies this Holy week as it shows the true meaning of happiness and the courage to live a life with dignity and respect to others despite the setbacks you are experiencing.

Watch the trailer here:

2. Click

An architect, Michael Newman, is a hard working family man. He must please his boss to get a promotion and, in order to do that, he gets less time with his family. Now, he wishes for a remote in which he can control his life. This soon comes true for Newman when he gets the ultimate remote from a crazy sales clerk. A remote in which he can do anything, including muting, skipping and dubbing his real life. He finds this to be the opportunity in which he can not only skip every argument, but also skip to his promotion until the remote goes horribly wrong.

What is the lesson of Click?

The movie teaches the viewers to reflect on our individual lives and see if we have become too preoccupied with the things that do not matter. Live every moment to the best of your ability. Spend time with your loved ones, express your appreciation and love another because you never know what tomorrow enfolds. 

Must-watch Inspiring Movies this Holy Week

Watch a short clip here:

3. Miracle in cell no. 7

In this Korean comedy and family melodrama, a man who is intellectually disabled and is imprisoned for alleged murder. He became friendly with the criminals in room 7. They help him see his daughter again by sneaking her in. 20 years later, his daughter fought for his justice after he received death sentence.

What is the lesson of Miracle in cell no. 7?

The movie shows that It doesn’t matter what a person’s physical condition is as long as he is able to love and be love then that person is as special as anyone of us, moreover, we should not determine a person’s worth by his mistakes nor any disadvantage for that matter.

Must-watch Inspiring Movies this Holy Week

Watch this trailer here:

4. 7 Sundays

One of the 5 Must-watch Inspiring Movies this Holy Week is 7 Sundays. 7 Sundays is a Filipino Movie that has been dubbed as particularly relatable to most Filipino families that grow apart over the years. The father soon learns that he is sick with barely two months to live, and only seven Sundays to spend with his children and grandchildren. As a result, the siblings reunite to make out of the remaining time. In the process, they have to deal with unresolved issues among themselves before it’s too late.

What is the lesson of 7 Sundays?

Living a life to the fullest doesn’t need a good background, career, or money, thus, it should be how you chose to live and value your family. Death put things in perspective about how limited life can be and how precious time spent with our loved ones really are.

Must-watch Inspiring Movies this Holy Week

Watch the trailer here:

5. Pay it Forward

This must-watch inspiring movie this Holy week is about a social studies teacher who gives an assignment to his junior high school class to think of an idea to change the world for the better, then put it into action. One student creates a plan for “paying forward” favors. He not only affects the life of his struggling single mother, but his acts continue in an unprecedented wave of human kindness. As a result, it became a profound national phenomenon.

What is the lesson of Pay it Forward?

The movie tells the viewers that we can make a difference in the lives of others. It tells us that when someone is kind to us, it’s a good idea to repay mankind several times over by doing good things for others.

Must-watch Inspiring Movies this Holy Week

Watch a short clip here:

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