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What is a Legacy Drawer?

Posted by Golden Haven on January 7, 2023

A legacy drawer may contain important documents that will be needed to carry out your wishes once you have departed this world. It may also contain items of sentimental value that you wish to leave behind. You can put in a special letter that you want your loved ones to read once you have departed this world. Many people are creating their own legacy folders or drawers for practical purposes. This is their way of recognizing that death is definitely a certainty in the future. Creating your own legacy folder or drawer is one way to be prepared for the inevitable.

Here are some important things that you should place in a legacy drawer in case you decide to put one together.

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Instructional Letter

In the instance that your loved ones will open the legacy drawer, it is a given that you will not be there to explain the purpose of the drawer. It is imperative to create a cover letter explaining the purpose of the drawer. You have to state there as well what documents and items are placed within it. If you have drawn up a will, make sure to write about your legacy drawer and who you want to access it.

Identification Cards

The most important file needed by the family to be able to perform some transactions on behalf of the departed is definitely the identification cards. Additionally, it also contains all the important information that your loved one may need. If your children decided to sell off your worldly possessions, they’ll be needing IDs. Take your car for example. The direct buyer of the car would surely as for the ID of the original owner. This is because Identification cards are requirements to perform a transfer of ownership.

Financial Documents

You should also consider keeping important financial documents such as credit card information, bank statements, social security number and other personal identification cards in your drawers as well. These documents can also help out family members or loved ones who may need access to these items after your passing away from this world.

Insurance Policies

You’ve paid off your insurance policy consistently for many years so that your loved ones could benefit from it. Make it easier for them for the last time. Ensure that original documents of your insurance policies are available so that release of insurance would be much easier. If you also have a memorial plan, carefully place it there so that they can access it the soonest. Preparing for your funeral would be the first thing

Passwords and Pins

If you wish for your social media accounts to be deleted in case of the inevitable, then you should provide a list of your passwords, usernames, and email address. You can leave instructions for them to delete the accounts. Facebook also offers to memorialize an account once the owner dies. You can opt to choose this as well, just let it be known.

Sentimental Items

You may think of your legacy drawer as just something that will hold all of your important papers and documents. However, it also encompasses any sentimental items you want to pass on in your absence. These could include photos, letters, or even a favorite piece of jewelry. It’s so hard to think about what will happen after we’re gone. Still, one thing we can do is know that our loved ones will have access to our sentimental items.

Funeral Wishes

If you have specific wishes on how you want your funeral to be performed, then write down your wishes. You can detail it by mentioning the type of interment that you would prefer. This can be your avenue to express your wishes on how you want to exit this world. Additionally, if you have pre-existing life plans, or own a memorial lot that you would want to be used, this is where you can mention it.

A legacy drawer is not just for your loved ones but it is also for you. This type of preparation is important because it allows you to feel peace of mind knowing that all your affairs have been dealt with and your loved ones will not have any problems after you pass away.

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