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Battling Insecurities

Posted by Regine Louise Mendoza on January 19, 2023

Insecurities are common. They’re also exhausting and pointless. Insecurities hinder us from doing our best and make us feel tenfold worse. Our insecurities stop us from making memories worth looking back to because it taints the way we perceive such moments. Here are some ways you can combat your own insecurities and learn to love yourself more.

Identify What You’re Insecure About

It’s important to understand what it is you’re insecure about. Once you’ve identified the root cause of your insecurities, begin working toward overcoming them. Break each insecurity down into smaller pieces that are easier to manage. For example, if your insecurity is related to body image, try to be mindful of how you take care of your body. If your insecurities stem from feeling like you don’t know enough about social issues, make an effort to read more.

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Use Positive Self-Talk

Battling Insecurities - positive self talk

You may want to try using positive self-talk, or affirmations, as a way of boosting your self-image. This approach involves repeating positive statements about yourself in the mirror or out loud. Then gradually try saying them without the assistance of visual or auditory cues. It’s also been suggested that writing down these affirmations on paper can help reinforce their message. So if you prefer writing instead of speaking aloud, this could be an option for you!

Define Your Strengths and Embrace Using Them

Battling Insecurities - Define Your Strengths and Embrace Using Them

Your strengths are the things that come naturally to you. They’re the parts of yourself that you feel confident and proud about. These are things other people compliment or admire about you. When it comes down to it, these are probably the qualities that makeup who you are as a person. This can be your sense of humor, your ability to focus, or your leadership skills. Your strengths can be anything—from physical traits to personality traits.

No matter what your strengths are, focus on them more than anything else when you’re feeling insecure about yourself.

Do Something Kind for Yourself Every Single Day

You deserve to be kind to yourself. Whether you’re having a bad day or the world just seems like it’s against you, do something nice for yourself every single day. It can be anything from taking a nap to going for a walk in the park, but make sure it’s something that makes your heart happy.

If exercising is what makes your heart happy, then go ahead! Go on a run around the neighborhood or hit up the gym. If reading is what makes your heart happy, then pick up one of those books stacked on top of your bedside table and get lost in its pages. There are lots of things out there—don’t let anyone tell you differently!

Remember How Far You’ve Come.

Battling insecurities - Remember How Far You've Come.

Be proud of the progress you’ve made. Remember how far you’ve come, and don’t let your insecurities hold you back from what could be an amazing future. Remind yourself that there is no such thing as perfection. Everyone is a work in progress—and it’s okay to not be at peace with this fact!

You are more than your insecurities; they do not define who you are or what your life can become.

Use the Skills You’ve Worked

Now, you have the skills and practice you need to deal with insecurities head-on. Use those skills to help yourself feel better about your body and your life, and then use them again to reward yourself in new ways! If you’re working on your fitness, reward yourself by making time to go out hiking with a friend. On the other hand, if you’re working on being more confident in social situations, reward yourself by going out for dinner at a restaurant that’s been hard for you before.

If it feels like too much work or effort to think about rewarding yourself constantly this way, start small. Maybe just once per week or month do something nice for yourself when dealing with insecurity. The important thing is that each time this happens it should be because of something positive related directly back to the area being worked on—not just because it seemed like an easy way out after failing miserably at something else!

Work-Life Balance

Battling Insecurities - work life balance

In order to maintain a healthy work-life balance, it’s important to create a comfortable divide between work and rest. Don’t forget that taking breaks from your computer or phone is just as important as creating a schedule and sticking to it.

When you do decide to take a break, make sure it’s intentional. Don’t just randomly turn off your phone and wander off; instead, schedule some time during the day where you can disconnect. Use this time wisely: take a walk around the block or go outside for some fresh air.

It’s also good practice not only to disconnect when you’re done working but also while you’re actually working on something. Your mind needs breaks in order to process all the information it takes in throughout each day—and this includes breaks from work itself. If there are parts of your project or job that require less brainpower than others, try taking those moments as opportunities for self-care instead of letting them become stressful distractions from what should be an enjoyable task at hand.

Insecurities are Common

We all have insecurities, but sometimes they can be so subtle that we don’t even realize they’re there. Insecurity is a normal part of life—and it’s something that every person goes through at some point. But what are they? Insecurities are thoughts or feelings that make you feel bad about yourself, your abilities and your appearance. They can include things like worrying too much about what other people think of you, or feeling afraid of doing something because it might show everyone how you are lacking.

The best way to combat insecurities is by accepting that you’re not perfect and working on improving yourself day by day. Insecurities generally have a negative impact on people but they may also be used as a compass by working on areas of our life that we feel insecure about.

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