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Investment Tips for Beginners

Posted by Golden Haven on July 28, 2022

In recent years, there is a growing number of people who refuse to believe in the notion stating that money cannot buy happiness. For them, this implies a message that encourages them to divert their focus from financial goals to other facets of life that require nourishment. Sure thing, life is not about your bank balances. Beyond paper bills, you must learn to enjoy the experiences life has to offer. For instance, the comforting ambiance of the wilderness and the cool breeze by the seaside. Before being an employee who is compelled to face the office desktop and equipment, you have been a child first who yearns for nothing but the simplest joys in life.

But in the same way, everyone else is acquainted with the fact that one cannot find a rent-free shelter anymore in this day and age; in a deal of any sort, one has a price to pay. And this fact serves as the point of reference for those who challenge the idea of not prioritizing economic ambitions. Stability and satisfaction can be bought by money, but not contentment. To give it a thought, you cannot enjoy the finest things in life and stop seeking more cash if you do not have access to basic human decencies. Not having regular meals daily or not being granted the right to security or privacy hampers one from earning the privilege of relaxing in the comfort of isolation.

Thus, learning the significance of investment is valuable in this situation. As you are exposed to income-generating opportunities, you cannot simply rely on financial institutions to make you rich. Truth to be told, you can only learn a handful from the interest that they are paying in exchange for your fiduciary relationship with them. Hence, you must strive to make your money for yourself–and this is the essence of investment.

If you only have a little knowledge on this matter, here are some of the most efficient tips on investment for beginners that can propel you to financial security in the long run.

1. Investment does not require a six-digit initial cost

initial capital

When people hear the word investment for the first time, most of them flinch and take a step back since they associate it with sky-high prices–an amount they cannot afford to provide. But this is a myth that must be debunked, for you can start investing only with a handful of money. If you don’t have enough financial resources to gain higher yields in the future, you can exhaust and capitalize on your skills and talents–with the right amount of passion and exposure to opportunities, you can generate income that can help you progress in the economic ladder of your dreams.

Relevantly, more and more financial technology brands offer enticing investments for starters that are affordable and easy to understand. For instance, one can venture into memorial real estate or memorial lots investment with a starting capital of Php 1,500. Newbies in the field of investing must leverage this chance to kick off their journey toward financial freedom. It may not be easy, but it’s an essential part of any endeavor.  

2. Identify the most fitting investment product


Every investor has a risk appetite and tolerance. Fundamentally, the former deals with the amount of risk that a person is willing to accept to push through with a specific undertaking. The latter, on the other hand, focuses more on the extent that one is willing to receive beyond their risk appetite for the sake of satisfying their identified objectives. With this said, each type of investment has risks–no one will ever be absolved from this inevitable factor of investing activities.

Depending on your socio-economic background and available resources, some investment products might be more suitable for you than others. If you are a conservative investor, you may consider putting your money in portfolios with low risk and return such as real estate, treasury bills, and corporate bonds. If you are an aggressive fund provider, you can allocate your resources to more volatile investments such as cryptocurrencies and the stock market. Once you are successful in finding your match, you’ll never go the wrong way.

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3. Strive to achieve portfolio diversification

Diversification is one of the remarkable points of discussion on investment for beginners that one should never ignore. This is the concept of spreading your money to different investment profiles to avoid grave losses in worst-case scenarios. If certain events caused a downturn for the market of a particular investment vehicle and it happened that all of your funds are concentrated on the same, you have no choice but to go back to square one. To prevent this threatening risk, you must uncover other opportunities where you can distribute your assets into.

Doing this step can give you a competitive advantage over investors who refuse to support more than one portfolio. This is because there is a variability of returns that exist, which amalgamates a higher amount of gains that you can acquire given the right strategy in place.

4. Develop contingency plans


As they say, failing to plan is planning to fail. In achieving success, particularly financial security, one must be proactive enough to recognize the possible risks that may affect investment portfolios before they ensue. This step starts by acknowledging the factors that may affect the returns generated by your investment profiles, such as stock prices or market values of basic commodities in commercial trade. After doing so, identify the socio-economic phenomena that may trigger these elements to change from their normal state. 

After rooting out the triggers of your investment profiles, you must constantly monitor these factors. It is important to establish a safety net for yourself. To actualize this, building up an emergency fund that can sustain you for at least six months is a crucial move in your investing journey. This special purpose fund guarantees you a fallback if your worst cases come into reality.

These are some snippets of investment for beginners that must be noted. Moreover, it will not be a jolly season every day–in the entire realm of financial markets, volatility is an embedded attribute that makes things work for everyone else’s money. That is why to be the master of this risky game, vigilance and a strategic psyche are of the essence beyond the actual possession of financial resources. Treat each decision-making moment as a make-or-break situation and ensure that you will always choose the choice with benefits at the expense of incurring the least cost. 

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