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Why is Real Estate a Good Investment

Posted by Golden Haven on July 29, 2022

In your younger years, you may have included living in a lavish house with your loved ones in the list of your long-term ambitions. Moreso, you may have imagined being someone who possesses multiple properties from all around the country–a fairy tale that anyone hopes to be a part of. Truth to be told, a comfortable place to stay after a long day of school or work is a bare minimum that everyone else yearns to avail of. 

But as you grow older, you start realizing that unless you’re born fortunate enough to have access to golden opportunities, you have to struggle to make your way up the socio-economic ladder. You have to earn a degree to increase your chances of landing a job, which consequently converts your aptitude to revenue. And from this, with the guidance of financial management, you can lead yourself to wealth accumulation. 

With that, there is no one answer to reaching success in financial terms–you can hardly be a billionaire by saving up a portion of your fixed salary in a commercial bank. Using an economic lens, interest income is the benefit that one can gain from entrusting their money to financial institutions. But upon grasping a fair amount of knowledge on how assets and societies work hand in hand, you will realize that there are various other ways for you to maximize your resources and be financially independent. 

Specifically, investing your money in tangible properties is among the plausible vehicles that can drive you to financial security. Yes, the very dream of most people is a fount of economic opportunities that one should never miss. With this, a question arises: why is real estate a good investment? Here are five reasons that justify that notion.

1. You can leverage your assets through real estate investment

When you invest your money in stocks or cryptocurrency, you only get an investment product with a value tantamount to the amount that you paid for–you cannot incur debt to get additional coins or shares of private companies and pay them later. But when dealing with real estate investment, you can maximize your monetary resources to get properties that are valued at higher figures than how much your initial cash outflow is worth. 

Why is real estate a good investment? This is one of the immediate answers that you can give–it does not require a full-blown expenditure of financial capital at the onset. You don’t need hot figures from your bank balances to kick off your investment journey–debt or equity financing can cover the remaining part of the obligation and you can pay up for it in the long run. All it takes, indeed, is a leap of faith.

2. Real estate helps in diversifying your portfolio

Moreover, going for real estate is a great step to diversify your investment portfolio. In economic parlance, generating multiple streams of income sources is a must to establish financial security. With volatility and risks affecting debt and equity investments severely from one point in time to another, having other means that provide you money notwithstanding the current socio-political events is a great way to save up the time to worry about how you can keep your current lifestyle afloat and manage to get your bills paid on time. 

Unlike the conventional investment products that heavily rely on the respective performances of private entities in the market competition, real estate investment centers on the demand raised by the general public to afford basic human needs such as safe housing. Knowing that there will always be a family hunting for a new home every day, this financial vehicle is promising in delivering regular cash flows to property owners in the form of rent revenues.

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3. Real estate investment is subject to guaranteed appreciation

Unlike interests from commercial banks or investments in stocks and bonds, real estate investment is backed by regular appreciation levied on prices. This is mainly due to the limited amount of land spaces where houses can be erected; as time passes by, people must pay a higher amount to secure a spot where they can build their future shelter. 

Even though certain risks affecting the purchasing power of individuals from buying tangible properties cannot be ruled out from the equation, this fact justifies the potential that real estate investment has in terms of providing a guaranteed amount of returns to investors. However, the additional rate imposed on revenues is heavily affected by the condition of the properties held on sale–hence, the materiality of executing strategic renovations, if necessary.  

4. Real estate is a transferable investment product

If worse comes to worst, your death does not put an end to the benefits to be gained from your investment in real estate–you can pass it on to your heirs. This is a better option compared to simply establishing funds that you will leave as a legacy since it capitalizes on the time value of money. Hence, once they inherit the properties in the future, their value is more than what it was worth a few years ago.

Moreover, it remains to be an income-generating asset. By doing a few fixes necessary to keep prospective buyers hooked and securing efficient management of these tangible properties, these can provide regular cash flows to your loved ones. From here, the opportunity to earn cash and accumulate wealth continues. With the help of these reasons, the situation will be different the next time someone asks: why is real estate a good investment? You can find yourself in a quandary of finding the necessary words to fit all the valuable thoughts in brief statements. Indeed, laying your economic resources on tangible properties is one of the smartest ways to make your money work for you and have your wildest dreams fulfilled anytime soon–so if you have the means to start the investment journey, relieve yourself from the hesitation and take the step forward.

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