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Morning Routines to Start the Day Right

Posted by Golden Haven on July 29, 2022

The gift of life is something that one must treasure since life has no guarantees that you’ll always receive another chance to seize the moment tomorrow. Especially now when commotions happen from left to right and there is not a chance where everything can pause from happening, you can find it hard to reassess what the present offers you. But amid the rising emotions, you must navigate a space where you can meddle with silence and think things through.

And what better way to make things right than to do necessary adjustments first thing in the morning? Similar to a process of any sort, making a wrong choice at the onset of pursuit can disrupt the momentum and hinder one from achieving the endgame that he aspires to attain. When you expose yourself to your triggers the moment that you wake up, you may find yourself vulnerable and grumpy all day long. If left unresolved, this can turn into a habit that can lead you to foster a counterproductive lifestyle.

With that said, here are some of the morning routines that you may consider integrating with your current set of habits to start the day right and live life better in the long run.

1. Wake up early

This idea is a provoking one for many since the dominant lifestyle in today’s time urged humans to outgrow the morning persons that they once were. Now, more activities are being performed during the night–school work, office tasks, and even social hangouts. This makes most people crave an additional hour in their beds in the morning.

But the more difficult it appears to be, the more you must strive to resist the current. By waking up early–and still having a sufficient amount of sleep–you can have a longer day. You can create plans on how you will run your errands and be productive amid a hectic schedule. You can have enough time to prepare as well if you choose to get up from your bed earlier than usual.

Imagine, if you wake up at a time when lunch is already approaching, you’ll be conscious enough to wait until you can have the first meal of the day before you can get back to work. In the long run, this produces opportunity costs in the form of lost time since you fail to maximize the hours that have passed. You could’ve crossed out a thing or two from your to-do list, but you fail to do so since you are still in the middle of processing things out and deciding how you will run another day before going back to bedtime past nighttime. 

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2. Give yourself a pep talk

Moreover, consider making your bed the moment that you wake up. Otherwise, you cannot set your mind to running an organized day throughout. While doing so, make sure to have some time to spare to have a brief pep talk and state your current stance in life. Acknowledge the things that you’ve done for yourself and others. Celebrate the small progress that you’re making so far. Having an affirmative mindset clears out your headspace that makes way for productive thoughts to come through.

Moreover, you must develop the habit of verbalizing your manifestations. Doing so can help you muster positive energy that makes you believe that you are capable of turning those ambitions into milestones. After all, everything starts with a strong mindset; take note however that to actualize success and pull off celebratory feats, you must employ proactive strategies to meet your objectives.

3. Consume a nourishing breakfast

As you approach your kitchen, make a breakfast that can give your soul the nourishment that it needs. To start the day right, you have to store a generous amount of nutrients for your body to effectively function and perform daily activities with ease. If you are someone who used to wake up late in the day and refuse to consume a meal before lunch, you have to exert extra effort to shift into this new lifestyle.

Waking up early can be challenging, but surviving a day from an earlier starting point is much more difficult if you don’t eat the right amount and type of food at regular intervals. Hence, make yourself oatmeal and take a bite of the fruit on your countertop. Or if you are someone who eats heavy meals at the onset of the day, cook rice and a viand of your choice and pair it with coffee or hot chocolate to boost your energy early on.

4. Get some exercise

Another way to invigorate your morning and start your day better is by doing some exercise before or a few hours after eating your breakfast. Chances are you feel weak to function because your muscle groups are not being stretched enough due to a sedentary lifestyle that you used to have. But as you try to improve your ways of living life by changing your morning habits, allot a fair amount of time to do stretching and perform some cardio exercises.

If you wish to elevate your fitness journey, you may consider incorporating a weight lifting program with a balanced diet. Doing so requires extra effort to grant a few hours of your morning to exercise and adjust your errands at a later point of the day. But to successfully commit to this habit, you must always prioritize the amount of sleep that you’re having. Otherwise, you’ll feel too weak to get the right form and engage your body parts in such a physically strenuous activity.

5. Take a cold shower

Finally, before you can kick off the set of errands that you have for the day, make sure to take a cold shower in the morning. Just like the idea of waking up early, this is another challenging feat to pull off. However, dipping yourself in cold water increases your blood circulation and triggers neurological responses–these are instrumental body phenomena that make you feel healthier. By feeling refreshed from a quick bath, you can gather the energy to be productive and accomplish as many objectives as possible for the rest of the day.

More than a challenging period of getting up from bed, morning is the time of the day filled with opportunities reserved for the hopefuls. Hence, unless you want to get stuck in the loop and see yourself in the perpetual quandary of finding progress in your life, consider taking the big leap and invigorate your early routines–celebrate what life has to offer today as early as you can. 

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