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Must-Visit Places In Liliw Laguna

Posted by Golden Haven on January 30, 2023

Liliw, Laguna is popularly coined to be the “Tsinelas Capital of the Philippines,” with over 200 slipper shops that can be found mostly at Gat Tayaw. Apart from that, you can also find sophisticated Spanish-themed houses that are very well-preserved. Visiting the Liliw is like stepping into another place in time.

Liliw can be found nestled at the foot of Mount Banahaw, cradled with a breathtaking landscape that is truly Instagram-worthy. Liliw, Laguna should definitely be on your travel list this year! Here are a few of the must-visit places in Liliw:

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St. John the Baptist or “Liliw Church”

The Liliw or Lilio church was built in 1605 to pay respects and honor St. John the Baptist. The old church reveals a grandiose baroque-designed architectural landmark with red bricks that truly brings nostalgia for churchgoers. It’s a national and historical landmark that you shouldn’t skip visiting when you’re in Liliw, Laguna.

There is also a museum that you can visit near the Liliw Church, which is adorned with varied religious images and artifacts.

Red Bricks Street

This is new to Liliw, Laguna which is something exciting. You can spot the Red Brick Pavement at the MH Del Pilar Street. The red brick pavement highlights the ancestral houses near St. John the Baptist church. The interiors and architectural design of the ancestral houses allow you to morph back in time dating far back to the 16th century, as accentuated by the red bricks. This is regarded as the original layout of Liliw, Laguna, way back during the Spanish time.

Footwear Shops at Gat Tayaw Street

You can’t leave the “Tsinelas Capital of the Philippines” without buying a sandal or slipper for yourself or as a keepsake and gift for your loved ones. Different shops line up in Gat Tayaw street such as Dimasira Footwear, which happens to be the first footwear shop in Liliw, Laguna. Casiano Pasueña own the foot wear shop. People in Liliw refer to him as the “Father of Tsinelas.”

Long after, many footwear shops have mushroomed in Liliw, Laguna. The footwear in Liliw stores are proudly handmade, very affordable, and made of durable material.  You can buy a pair of slippers or sandals for less than Php200 in Liliw, Laguna.

Esmeris Farm

If you have ever been to farms in Bali, Indonesia, then Esmeris Farm is the Philippines’ version of that. Esmeris Farm is a family-ownd farm that can be found at Brgy. Ilayang, San Roque, Liliw, Laguna. You can go swinging, horseback riding, and camping to fully enjoy nature in its purest form.

Golden Haven Memorial Park Liliw

You can find Golden Haven Memorial Park in Liliw, Laguna at Brgy. Kalumpang, and if you know Golden Haven, they have the most beautiful memorial parks in the Philippines. The stunning architectural design of Golden Haven combined with landscaped gardens, is truly a sight to behold. Its beauty promises a tranquil place for your departed loved ones and for the people they left behind. The place is perfect for picnics with the family and just escaping the busy and noisy city for a while. For those interested in purchasing a memorial property in Golden Haven Liliw, you’re in luck because it costs as low as 80,000.00, and you can customize the payment plan too.

You can never get enough of Liliw, Laguna, with so many places to explore and things to do. Keep your schedule flexible and be adventurous this 2023, as there are a lot of places you need to see this year. The must-visit places in Liliw, Laguna, is definitely a good list to start your travel.

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  • Golden Haven is a member of the Villar Group of Companies and a subsidiary of Golden MV Holdings, Inc. The company continues to develop the most beautiful memorial parks in the country and is now the largest chain of memorial parks in the Philippines.

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