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Places to visit in Zamboanga City

Posted by Golden Haven on January 31, 2023

Zamboanga City is the capital of the Zamboanga Peninsula and is located on the eastern coast of Mindanao. With a population of over 1 million people, it’s one of the most densely populated cities in the Philippines today. The city has many historical sites to visit and explore, including churches and mosques–if you’re looking for something new or fun to do while visiting Zamboanga City! Here are some must-visit places in Zamboanga:

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The Metropolitan Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

The Metropolitan Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception is located in the heart of Zamboanga City and is a definite highlight. Franciscan friars who came to the Philippines from Spain in 1635 built the cathedral. The architecture of this church is very unique, with its Romanesque features and beautiful stained glass windows.

Western-Southern Mindanao – National Museum

The Western-Southern Mindanao museum is also a National Museum. It has more than 4 million artifacts from across the Philippines and around the world. The museum’s collections include artifacts from both pre-Hispanic and Spanish colonial periods. There are also indigenous art objects that represent indigenous cultures of the Philippines there.

ZSCMST Bird Sanctuary

The ZSCMST Bird Sanctuary is located in the municipality of Talakag, on the eastern side of Zamboanga City. It’s a small but beautiful site that showcases a number of bird species and other wildlife. The sanctuary covers an area of about 5 hectares and is home to many species, including Scarlet Ibis. It is the largest ibis in Asia, with a wingspan of up to 2 m (6 ft).

El Museo de Zamboanga

El Museo de Zamboanga is located at the corner of Quezon Avenue and Fuentes Street in Pasonanca, Zamboanga City. Then Governor Vicente Presas opened the museum on February 23, 1971, with an initial collection worth P55 million consisting of artifacts from the pre-Hispanic period to the World War II era (1901-1945). Its main purpose was to preserve these objects for future generations through research and study programs like workshops for school children. This was later extended to include adult education seminars as well its ongoing exhibitions that showcase local artists’ works from around Mindanao as well as other provinces.

Zamboanga City Hall

The Zamboanga City Hall is located on the corner of Abad Santos Street and Sierra Madre Street. It was built in the early 1990s, and it features a unique architecture that reflects its historical significance as well as its current role as the seat of government for Zamboanga City.

The building itself has three levels: ground floor, first floor and second floor. The ground floor houses offices such as those used by city officials; however, it also has space for exhibitions such as art galleries or museums during special events held there. The first floor houses council chambers where meetings are held during regular business hours (8 AM-5 PM) Monday through Friday while tourists can visit this level after 5 PM on weekdays only if they have reservations made beforehand via email ([email protected]).

Fort Pilar

Fort Pilar is located in the center of the city and can be seen from anywhere in Zamboanga City. The Spanish built this historical site at the end of the 18th century when they were trying to defend their country from Muslim invaders. You can visit this fort during your stay in Zamboanga City anytime since it’s open 24/7!

Paseo del Mar

Paseo del Mar is a park that stretches along the coastline of Zamboanga City. It is also known as “Paseo de la Marina” (Marina Drive) and is considered one of the most beautiful promenades in the country. The Paseo del Mar has a nice view which makes it an ideal destination for tourists who want to relax while they enjoy some time away from civilization. There are restaurants, cafes, and bars that can be found here as well as many other attractions.

Taluksangay Mosque

Taluksangay Mosque is a mosque located in the town of Taluksangay, Zamboanga City. Sultan Mansur Shah I, who was then the sultan of Sulu, built it in the year 1595 by

The mosque has been recognized as a National Cultural Treasure by virtue of Republic Act No. 10368 signed on April 11, 2003, and approved by Presiding Justice Antonio Mison for being one of Asia’s oldest mosques. The mosque holds records for being one of few Islamic structures which survived World War II intact without damage or destruction from bombs or gunfire.

Golden Haven Zamboanga

If you’ve consumed enough of the historical and vibrant Zamboanga, it’s time to digest it all. Golden Haven Zamboanga provides the perfect backdrop for some deep thinking. Its scenic views and expansive greeneries are picture-perfect, so make sure to take pictures when you go there! By the looks of Golden Haven Zamboanga, you can actually fool other people that you are overseas!

Zamboanga City has a rich history. It’s the oldest city in Mindanao, and its history dates back to 1578. Zamboanga City is also home to many historical sites that are worth visiting, such as Fort Pilar and Fort San Pedro. Zamboanga City is a thriving metropolis that has many things to see and do. It’s also home to many historical sites, museums and landmarks that are sure to captivate visitors. You will definitely enjoy a trip to Zamboanga!

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