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Planning a Funeral

Posted by Golden Haven on January 30, 2023

The overwhelming arrangements needed for funeral planning catch many families distraught and unprepared. If your loved one has passed away and you’re in the middle of anguish and grieving, the least you need is to be stressed further with funeral planning. Preparing for the inevitable as early as possible is really important. Here are important phases of a funeral that you have to keep in mind and plan for:

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Public Viewing or Wake

Planning a wake is not for the faint of heart. It requires a lot of planning, and it can be painful to have to deal with all the logistics involved. You will have to make arrangements for the funeral and transportation of the body. Additionally. this involves planning other details that are important to you but not necessarily to others. Some families choose to have a traditional viewing, while others prefer something more unique and unconventional. The next step is deciding where you want the wake to take place. It may be at home or in a church, or in a chapel. However, it is important for everyone involved in this process to discuss this decision beforehand so that everyone knows what will happen next.

Funeral Ceremony

Funerals will most likely be set up where the wake will take place or at the site where the deceased will be laid to rest. Usually, a mass takes place before the burial. You have to coordinate with people close to the departed for the eulogy. If you want, you can hold a short open mic session as well. This is so everyone, family and friends included, can share stories about their experiences and journey with the deceased. You will have to coordinate with these people. Music is also part of the setup, as also floral arrangements as well as photography for the deceased and family. A Funeral Ceremony is a beautiful time to reminisce about the memories made with the departed loved one. When you avail the services of a complete death care provider, you free yourself from worrying about all the details.

Burial Ceremony

You will need to rent a hearse to bring your dearly departed to the burial site. Seating arrangements, tents, and floral arrangements are needed as well to ensure the comfort of the bereaved and other guests. Prior to the burial ceremony, you will have to arrange for the necessary permits needed for excavation and the burial. Don’t forget to have a marker customized for your dearly departed. Some death care providers like Golden Haven organize everything for you. All you have to do is answer their questions regarding preferences and other important decisions.

Keep it Stress-Free With Golden Haven

With the help of Golden Haven Chapels and Crematorium, your family will have complete peace of mind and stress-free funeral planning with premium death care and memorial service packages with options catering to any budget. Whether you want an intimate or a grand funeral service, Golden Haven can take care of that.

Fully customized and all-inclusive services from embalming, cremation, makeup and restorations, flower arrangements, hearse rentals, engraving of souvenirs, storage rental, and other top-notch services with reputable professionals to handle all your funeral needs are all provided by Golden Haven. Its funeral packages cost as low as 80,000.00.

Plan Funerals in Advance

Funeral arrangements can be made in advance to take away the uncertainty and hassle of thinking and working around the final funeral arrangements to the little details of a loved one who has passed away at the last minute. Companies like Golden Future Life Plans allow people to purchase pre-need life plans that allow them to plan for the imminent.

Although some families and friends can take care of all the funeral planning, it’s always best to make advance funeral arrangements because the person can set his wishes in terms of funeral plans or preferences and even map out every detail with the family.

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