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Reasons Why Memorial Lots Are One of the Best Real Estate Investments

Posted by Golden Haven on August 12, 2022

You can barely find an individual who refuses to look after his or her future. Truth be told, the uncertainties about the future bother almost everyone. People are thinking about whether they will achieve the stable life that they’ve been dreaming of five years from now. Inside their minds is an influx of questions: Will they have enough food on the table to feed themselves and the people that they love? Can they sustain all their physiological needs and make room for their desires? Can they survive no matter what fortuitous event shows before their way?

These doubts trigger people to lean on learning more about the significance of being a wise spender. In financial parlance, saving accounts from banks are deemed to be a fading trend–these financial institutions can only provide so much in exchange for their fiduciary relationship with their clients: the general public. From this point of reference, the growing appreciation of the general concept of investment stems.

Investing is a way to acknowledge the time value of money. Since a paper bill may not render the exact amount due to the passage of time, financial experts encourage people to come up with ways how they can make their cash work for them in the future. And this is done by spending it now to acquire valuable resources and benefiting from the same through the demands made by others on those commodities in the future. Real estate investment is one of the booming ways affirmed by many to propel people from all walks of life to financial security and freedom.

Real estate investment involves buying tangible properties such as land and building and earning benefits from it through rental income generated by its users in the future or through reselling the property at a higher price later on. There are various investment products associated with this venture. But out of it all, one question arises: is a memorial lot a real property?

The quick answer? It is since it takes the form of a piece of land. But to delve deeper into this, here are some reasons why memorial lots are deemed by most experts as one of the best real estate investments that one must consider.

1. The value of memorial lots appreciate over time

It is not a secret to everyone that the value of land increases over time. The selling price of a lot now will be lower compared to its fair market value a few years from now. Fundamentally, this is explained by the shortage of supply of the said natural resources. Unlike structural buildings that can be made by men at an exponential rate, no humans can produce a piece of land that is at par with that given off by this planet. Hence, as the portion of land that is free for use decreases over time due to a steady demand by the public, it naturally has its price embarked at an increasing rate–and it is the same case for memorial lots.

So by doing simple math, it only shows that once you spend a particular sum of money to purchase a memorial lot, it only follows that you have a guaranteed return from it once you sell it directly as it is at its market price in the future. The resulting value varies, however, on factors such as its type, location, and the actual mark-up imposed on its fair value.

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2. There will always be a market for memorial lots

You can swiftly give a yes to someone who asks: is memorial lot a real property? But things don’t stop from the possibility of entering into a real estate venture with the aid of this property. By default, the demand for memorial lots is steady. This is immediately explained by the fact that every day, someone from around your place dies. Hence, there will always be a family of the bereaved who will need to find a site where they can bury their loved ones.

This is one of the reasons why real estate investment is a smart choice generally speaking. Unlike purchasing cryptocurrency, for instance, in a highly volatile market, you can ensure that you will earn a return on your capital in the future from the properties that you’ve acquired which, over time, will be seen by potential buyers as a significant possession.

3. Memorial lots are an acceptable form of collateral

Memorial lots are deemed to be an acceptable form of collateral by most financial institutions. In financial parlance, collateral is a pledged item or instrument used to protect the interest of the debtor in a credit transaction. 

4. Memorial lots offer perpetual ownership

Ownership of memorial lots will have no expiry. As long as the memorial lot owner does dispose of the property by selling it and then transferring the ownership to another person, the deed will ensure that the authority on the use of the said tangible property will remain to be vested in him or her. 

5. Maintenance services are offered by some memorial parks

After buying a memorial lot, the success of the real estate investment also lies in how well will its owner maintain the quality of the same. The appreciation of the said property’s value is an indispensable fact–but potential buyers of the same will not seal the deal in the future unless they see the said piece of land as a non-monetary asset that is worthy of its price.

And the good thing about some memorial parks like Golden Haven is that they offer maintenance services as an inclusion in the initial price that they ask of the investor. Hence, the latter will not have to worry anymore about preserving the grandeur of the lot as it was when it was purchased since the former will be the designated party to conduct the oversight of the affairs of the property’s maintenance.

For starters, it is normal to ponder upon one question: is the memorial lot a real property? But after knowing these reasons that justify the said tangible asset as one of the greatest forms of real estate investment, one can know that a bright future awaits once they get their hands on these valuable pieces of land.

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