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Reasons Why You Should Buy Memorial Lots Early

Posted by Golden Haven on August 12, 2022

Financial trends dictate that investing in valuable assets is in and saving in commercial banks is out in achieving financial independence. Particularly, real estate investment is among the cream of the crop concerning the most efficient ways to maximize the value of money over time. Unlike other portfolios that are immersed in highly volatile markets, tangible properties provide more stable market opportunities to investors. Hence, in recent years, more individuals are being enticed to make the big shift to the realm of real estate. 

Real estate is a broad concept; you can choose from a variety of options such as a piece of land, a commercial space, or residential structures. You can consider buying a fully furnished unit or acquiring it during its pre-selling phase, as offered by developers. Nonetheless, the fact remains that there are numerous advantages that these assets equitably give to any aspiring investor. But to spark an interesting discourse, why not consider memorial lots as the point of discussion?

Unlike the common stereotype of being the final resting place of the deceased, these pieces of land are of great value. Here are some reasons why you should consider investing in a pre-selling memorial lot

1. Great deals in price

Primarily, an investor can benefit from purchasing a pre-selling memorial lot because it costs way less than fully developed memorial properties. Buying a memorial lot early offers more flexibility when it comes to the pricing and payment options. Moreover, it can provide a wider margin for profit when the investor decides to resell the property later on. 

2. Enjoy the freedom of selection

By securing a pre-selling memorial lot, you are also given the privilege to choose the specific property that you want to acquire. Lots are limited. If you buy a property early, you may be able to choose lots that are close to the entrance, road, or amenities. The proximity to these features can be an advantage when it comes to reselling memorial properties for profit since lots with better locations tend to sell out faster and at better prices.

3. Leverage the time value of money

The time value of money has never been more stressed out than when dealing with the general concept of investment. This principle asserts that a paper bill will not have the same worth as now when years go by. This is affected by various factors such as the inflation rate within societies and the periodic outcome of international trade. To make money work for itself, one must fervently acknowledge this fundamental fiscal idea and use it as a foothold to determine what’s next in his or her financial management. 

Having said this, buying a pre-selling memorial lot is a wise choice since you can afford to get the property at a price lower than what it is worth once it’s fully developed.

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4. Flexible financing schemes

Memorial parks that offer lots during their pre-selling phase also accept different financing schemes that investors may prefer. Providing options to the interested buyer of the property as to how they will settle their initial investment cost and their remaining balance is among the perks of purchasing a memorial property early. Financing schemes can vary from cash installments to bigger discounts for spot cash payments and others.

5. Additional Cash Flow

One reason why many investors purchase memorial lots is to get additional cash flow from reselling them at a later time. Memorial lots are considered a need which means there will always be a market for them so they’re relatively easy to sell. Furthermore, value appreciation for memorial properties is considered high, especially if you go for developers with good credentials who offer proper care and maintenance for their parks. If you were able to purchase a memorial property early and resell it after some time, you’ll be able to generate additional income from them.

Indeed, a memorial lot is more than a final resting place of the departed. For the living individuals, they can turn this into a tapped opportunity by treating it as an investment portfolio and exerting extra effort to afford it at the cheapest cost and sell it to gain the maximum returns on capital possible using their current resources such as time and energy and making them work at their advantage.

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