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The Benefits of Smiling

Posted by Golden Haven on August 4, 2022

Looking back, you may remember a glimpse of a core memory when the elders in your family would urge you to smile whenever you are taking a picture during your younger years. At a glance, you will figure out that the reason why they told you to act that certain way is because they see it as a factor that helps in unleashing the ultimate charm in you as an innocent child.  Oftentimes, one’s bright smiles are associated with happiness. And having said that, you may have probably recalled how this value was repeatedly emphasized as a vital element in one’s life that makes life more tolerable.

But as you grow older, you have been immersed in the harsh realities of life in one way or another. For some, they are compelled to find ways they can earn money and help their parents to feed their entire families. Others were abandoned by the most significant persons in their life at a young age. More and more individuals are reportedly suffering from mid-life crises–with nowhere to go, they hardly believe in their utmost potential. With these tribulations coming along your way, you may see that finding a reason to smile and be happy is a hopeless case that is impossible to overcome.

Life teaches how each human emotion needs to be properly addressed instead of being repressed for one’s comfort. But as they say, even in the darkest of times, a silver lining can be found. Trying times can end up being the most valuable learning experience for some. A fear of something can be translated to his/her core strengths once conquered. 

This paradoxical fact of human existence preaches the importance of introspecting the purpose of why you are given the particular circumstances that you are confronting. And to give light on this matter, here are some of the positive effects that a single smile can bring to someone.

1. Smiling can help in establishing rapport

Refusing to smile removes that opportunity of yours to connect with other people who want to get to know you on a deeper level. If you either frown or show off a grumpy face, they may feel like they are not your cup of tea. But even if you’re the type of person who is dominantly introverted, as long as you’re situated in a circle of people, collaboration is a must to get anything done. 

Thus, you must exert an extra effort to smile and invite them to engage with you. In this way, who knows what you and others may find? A genuine friendship or a shocking romance–unless you allow yourself to establish rapport with other individuals, you’ll never know what awaits you.

2. Smiling can trigger the release of good hormones

Moreover, smiling was found to be impactful on one’s health. Stretching some of your facial muscles to give one can help your body to release hormones such as dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins. Collectively, these are instrumental in boosting one’s happiness level and regulating his/her anxiety and stress. A group of researchers even discovered that smiling can stimulate the human brain in the same way 2,000 bars of chocolate can do so. Having said that, you can appreciate the real prowess that a smile can bring in an individual’s perception of everything around him/her.

The specific problems that one must conquer before achieving success are uncontrollable–they are and will be beyond anyone’s control. However, the manner of reception one exhibits relatively with the said issues can be managed. Hence, letting stress and any other melancholic energy devour you is a deliberate choice that you make. In the same way, proactive and intuitive response to a certain dilemma is not a blessing–it’s made from an autonomous resolution attributable to your doing.

3. Smiling can boost productivity

Now that the anatomical relationship between smiling and happiness has been established, it follows that a smile within the workplace can contribute to one’s ability to be productive. By moving yourself away from further stressors, a happy mindset can provide you with a clearer mindset that allows you to figure out how you can make things done. Despite a pile of paperwork to accomplish, a determined psyche and a gentler take on things can always bring you success. 

In the context of being a leader in the workplace yourself, a smile can be interpreted by your employees as an indication of your satisfaction with the work that they are doing. This can make them feel that they are going in the right direction and will strive to keep their pace moving in such a way.

4. Smiling can promote a longer life

With smiling being directly linked with one’s level of happiness, doing so can further prevent a person from acquiring stress-induced diseases. Numerous studies have found a growing number of people with a strong sense of humor to be less prone to complications such as heart disease and infections. 

Relevantly, the amplified discourses on mental health awareness bring the discussion concerning the correlation between cognitive and physical health. If one suffers from anxiety or depression, for instance, the effects of the same will reflect on his/her poor eating and sleeping habits. And consequently, these practices will lead to more complicated consequences. Hence, recalibrating your mind when facing adversities is the first step to saving yourself from great peril. 

5. Smiling can help spread a light ambiance to others

As they say, one’s smile is contagious. Just like any other human emotion, happiness and any form of smiling can radiate within a circle of people. Thus, it is important to recognize the weight of the effect that smiling–or not doing so–can bring to yourself and the ones surrounding you. 

If you aspire to radiate a positive impact on the people around you, you need not be a hero and pull off an unimaginable feat. All it takes is the initiative to try seeing things from a better perspective–try fathoming the bigger reason why something is in front of you and share what you have realized to others so you can illuminate their minds if they are worried about the same concern. As simple as that, you can spread good energy that can collectively help everyone else progress.

Indeed, there is so much to see in a smile than just a manifestation of happiness. Its true power can help change the whole world, but only if everyone else is ready to give a kind smile to others. So, go out and empower others–one smile at a time. 


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