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The Best Songs for Funerals

Posted by Golden Haven on October 3, 2022

Music accompanies you on any occasion–name it and the right fit of songs can create the perfect ambiance for the celebration. Specifically, in the event of a funeral, music can exhibit a solemn vibe that most visitors will find prim and proper as they commemorate the loving memories of their departed loved one. When someone dies, heavy emotions come afloat at the venue of the wake–melancholy, disappointment, and regret mix up and resonate in an ill-lit atmosphere for everyone.

To alleviate a painstaking moment like this, songs with wonderful messages can be played in the venue to make the emotions of everyone lighter. This is a significant part of organizing a funeral since you would not want attendees to sense a glimpse of darkness throughout their visit in such a tragic event.

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With this said, here are some song recommendations for funerals that you may want to consider including in your list.

1. See You Again by Wiz Khalifa

See You Again is a remarkable song in recent years that has been commonly associated with bidding farewell to a loved one, dead or alive. Its rendition gives off a grateful tone for all the memories that a person has shared with another colleague. It presents the reality of life–nothing is ever constant in this world except change.

And although it can be difficult to accept, moving forward to the present time is necessary for it can help you realize that you have rendered growth by spending your time with that loved one of yours–with the hopes that someday, you will meet again in another lifetime.

2. My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion

Commonly associated with failed romances, My Heart Will Go On is a song that depicts the beauty of letting go. In the light of a funeral, the tragic circumstances are too difficult for one to easily absorb and accept. But just as the notion of this song implies, you will break through from the pain and learn how to progress in life and live it according to your will.

Despite this depressing departure by your loved one, it makes you realize that your heart is capable of going on and you can carry on amid all the abrupt changes that you may have to confront in the near future.

3. Wind Beneath My Wings by Bette Midler

The song Wind Beneath My Wings provides you with a wonderful message that revolves around gratitude and strength. This creative piece highlights how your departed loved one has empowered you to muster enough courage in life and shoot your shots. That, despite your self-doubt and fears, you have pulled off a great feat because of their unceasing support.

And on their untimely demise, you may still commemorate the great things that you have shared with him. Although it has to come to a saddening finale like death, the fact remains that you see a glimpse of hope to bounce back in life by treating his precious moments in this world as your source of motivation.

4. Dance With My Father by Luther Vandross

If you are a daddy’s child, then Dance With My Father is a song that will unleash the tearjerker in you. This song recollects how a youngster has found meaning in life with a father figure beside him. It narrates how a family stands tall with the presence of such a mighty head of a family–and how life suddenly turns to be excessively burdensome the moment an untimely passing goes by.

Its chorus sends a plea to the heavens that he is willing to take one final chance just to see his father again and invite him to dance. Especially if you’ve lost your paternal figure at a young age, you will find this song close to your heart since you have accomplished so much in recent years that you can’t wait to share with him.

5. Amazing Grace by Judy Collins

For everyone in the venue who is mourning the death of your loved one, the song Amazing Grace can soothe their hearts. It is a wondrous piece that talks about salvation and the afterlife, which uplifts people’s spirits by comforting them and making them realize that there is still a chance for them to reconnect with their loved ones that just passed away.

Especially for those with strong faith, this song can be a right fit for such an event filled with heavy emotions such as a funeral. It can redirect them to the pavement where hope, resilience, and spirituality thrive.

6. A Thousand Years by Christina Perri

Being a phenomenal hit due to its inclusion in the official soundtrack of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, A Thousand Years is a precious masterpiece that speaks about the promise of waiting for someone’s return. Its chorus conveys that after a loved one’s death, you can feel the death of a thousand cuts daily.

But more than this, the overall notion implied by this creative piece is about the pledge of growing stronger over time. That although it remains indefinite as to the time that it takes before one can move on from an untimely passing of a loved one, the choice is up to you whether to empower or weaken your core. And in the hopes of crossing paths again with a person precious to you who was taken away by death, even a thousand years will not be long enough to wait for his return.

7. Somewhere Over The Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo’ Ole

Somewhere Over The Rainbow takes on a classical melody as a song that implies the message of seeing the good in each farewell. It gives people the idea that after death, at the end of the rainbow, a rendezvous appears where you can meet your departed loved ones again. This piece can empower you to carry on with life and strive to be successful enough so that when the time comes, you will have a lot to share with the people that mattered to you who unfortunately met death.

Indeed, a funeral can be too much for people to process alone. It can leave your headspace with a clean slate–without an ounce of thought running through. But with the aid of these songs, you can get back to your senses and confront the present circumstances in front of you slowly but surely.

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