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Why Kindness Matters

Posted by Golden Haven on June 6, 2022

The world today is in a kilometer zero of a new journey because of the global pandemic. This biological warfare that ensued revealed the true colors of most citizens, professionals, and international leaders–in a crisis that severely tests one’s moral choices, they are urged to act based on their true thinking patterns and logic. And this is where their values unfold, which can bring either joy or dismay to others. Nonetheless, these ulterior motives of individuals for acting a certain way are slowly being displaced from the facade; as most people become unpredictable and surprising, a culture of cynicism seems to have been fostered and dominated the social landscapes of countries and cultures worldwide.

With that said, kindness is put on a pedestal as a precious gem that is slowly being put away from being the factor that drives one in action, given how disappointments may arise if they are not reciprocated with the same intent by others–or even be done dirty despite giving their absolute best to choose what’s right. But amid all the uncertainties that this contemporary epoch may give you, you must resist the tide and continue doing good no matter what, given that doing so will not compromise your welfare and put you in danger.

No matter how hard it can be, you must always strive to project the value of kindness and proliferate the essence of prioritizing goodness, generosity, and concern for the benefit of yourself and everyone around you. Here are five reasons why:

1. Kindness is contagious

kindness is contagious

This value, which revolves around the spirit of generosity, relationships, and empathy, creates ripples a millionfold. Once you practice it with people, there will always be someone else who will be struck and moved to follow your way. It is not sound to assert that its effects are absolute and artificial–if you come into a room of ten individuals and manage to show them kind actions of any sort, it will be absurd to assume that they will all heed to the call of being kind. There will always be some in the pack that will fail to notice what is happening. But that is not what you should look after–it’s the ones that appreciated your willingness to portray this value. 

Imagine if you start the chain reaction. The results may be out of your imagination, you never know. And once kindness is implored at every corner of this world, chances are the moral dilemma that is challenging today’s society can be upthrown–leading to the start of something new.

2. Kindness strengthens relationships

builds and strengthens relationships

Managing to practice kindness in your circle–your family, friends, and your special someone–can change your life in a much better way. Doing so builds a habit of trust, intimacy, and healthy bridges that connect you to them. If you are kind enough to the people that you love, aside from this value being emanated, they may think that you see something good in them that drives you to act in such way. In return, being done well is a pleasurable feeling–that, no matter how little you feel about yourself, you are worthy of being given simple joys in life. 

And from this, stronger bonds are formed. Knowing that you have others who can see through your spirit, despite whatever hurdles you put in the facade to hamper people to get too close to you, makes you appreciate these people more. And the same thing goes on their end. Hence, it is truly a win-win situation. 

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3. Kindness instills a rigid moral foothold

Kindness emboldens a character’s capacity to be edified and attain its best form. By practicing acts of goodness, you are unconsciously yet habitually fostering a whole new culture in you–you are boosting your ethics. This value is no joke when dealing with its application in the real world; the rampant change of tides and times, unfortunately, can make you question the good in other people. But despite that, you must push through, no matter what the odds are. In this way, you can unleash the best efforts that you are bound to give and come up with unexpected results and changes that can be prospectively beneficial.

To date, there is a serious need to heed the call of being morally grounded. Violence, corruption, and social injustices are becoming vehement and normalized as if they are the standard of normality. This worsening picture must be debunked at all costs–and you can play your part in doing so by the habit of being kind to the rest of the world.  

4. Kindness decreases stress levels

decreases stress levels

Contrary to what most people believe, kindness is a way to a much healthier and radiant cognitive life. Those who find it hard or refuse to relate themselves to this value tend to look at these acts of goodness as a waste of resources–time, effort, and energy. They claim that there is no return of investment to be found–or if any, it is less impactful and felt. But little do they know what it can offer you–peace of mind and lesser stressors in life. 

Who would not want to have that in these trying times?

By projecting goodness to others, you are eased by the fact that you’ve done everything that you can on your end to spark change in their lives. And as long as you don’t look at kindness as an investment portfolio which you focus on to receive the same back, you will never lose your way; and by that, you can afford to be carefree and live happier. 

5. Kindness provides a deeper sense of being

At most, kindness can create impacts filled with goodness for the rest of the world to see. And if you manage to witness firsthand how you are capable of influencing someone else to promulgate this value with others, you will surely arrive at a heartfelt realization that you are beyond your predisposed mission and purpose in life. That, you can offer something else at the table, and you should never stop doing so as it makes the circumstances revolving around you a bit lighter for yourself and others.

Kindness can make you realize that altruism and compassion can be your core strengths. You may have noticed it before or not, but the fact remains that your potential to cause goodness to others can be highlighted by this value. And from this life-changing discovery, you are bound to do much greater than you ever did in the past. 

Aside from these, there are a million other reasons why choosing kindness is the greatest choice that one can ever make. As long as you make sure that you’re not losing yourself in the process, seek no pause–carry on and be a vanguard of change that everyone else aspires to see. 

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