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Golden Top 5: Investments You Should Have in Your Early 20s

Posted by Golden Haven on May 27, 2021

The early 20s is an exciting time in anyone’s life as the future is so filled with opportunity. Alas, whether you are wrapping up your college experience, entering the workforce, or climbing up your career path’s ladder. There will always be the universal need to look out for your future, and there is no better way to provide for it than through the sweet science of investing. As the famous saying of Robert Kiyosaki goes, working for money is not enough, you must make money work for you, and while the world’s opportunities may seem limited due to the pandemic, in the world of investing, the possibilities are, almost quite literally, endless.

With the accessibility of the market and the abundance of options to choose from, a good foundation to keep in mind when investing is to invest in something you care about as this connection will allow you to better nurture your assets. Below are some of the top investments that you should be caring about and nurturing in your early 20s. 

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Stocks Investment

When it comes to investing, the most common place to start is no other than the stock market. In simplest terms, when you buy stock in a company, think of it as if you are buying a part of that company. Therefore, the company that you invest in must be one that you genuinely have faith in. An industry that you are well versed in (for starters at least.) If investing were a relationship, many compare investing in stocks to dating. It is easy to get in and out with stocks. With merely a broker and a small amount of money to be used as capital, you could easily buy and sell stock.

In a more local setting, entering the stock market is literally as easy as opening up your laptop, creating an account, and depositing money into your chosen broker’s service.  On the topic of brokers, there is no shortage of these as you can easily apply to services. As such: Col Financial, Philstocks, and even specialized broker services by local banks such as BDO Securities, First Metro, BPI Trade, and many more, each with their own advantages. The best part is you can apply online and get your application approved as early as the next day. In the past months, the country has seen a number of local corporations release their initial public offerings such as Converge, DITO, and more recently, Del Monte, so if you haven’t gotten into the stock market already, the best time is always going to be today!


Properties Investment

If buying stocks is the dating of the investment world, buying properties is more of putting a ring on it. Buying properties is similar to marriage in a sense that it requires much more thought before commitment. There are a lot more factors to be taken into account when buying properties such as the location of the property, the condition, the rental yield, and many more. There are more parties involved such as the bank, especially if a loan must be taken out to secure the deal, which more often than not, is the case. More calculations must also be done to ensure the investment is a worthwhile one. Though, as intimidating as these may seem, investing in properties is definitely something to consider in your early 20s, whether it be as a source of passive income or as a potential future home.

Business Start-Ups

Start-up Investment

With the staggering amount of business start-ups that have taken the industry by storm amidst this pandemic, it is a no-brainer to consider business start-ups as a possible form of investment. In a world that at the moment so desperately needs innovation in order to combat all the challenges that this new normal has brought upon us. Going back to the analogy of buying stocks as dating and property investing as tying the knot, investing in business start-ups can be compared to having children. As most start-ups are viewed legally as separate entities, investing in one means having to pour time and money into it for it to grow. Although with no guarantee that you may ever reap the rewards. Metaphors aside, while this investment is definitely the riskiest of the bunch, as most investors will tell you, it is preferably before the age of 30 that you should invest in riskier ventures. It is during this stage of life wherein it easiest to bounce back from failed opportunities.   

Memorial Properties

Memorial Property Investment

In the list of investments recommended thus far, memorial properties may be seen as the hidden gem on this list. In fact, we have a whole article dedicated to exploring the nature and advantages of pursuing memorial properties as an investment, but just what are memorial properties? A memorial property is a space intended to be used as a final resting place in the future.  It may come across as a grim investment at first glance due to its association with death. It is also as the opportunity is dissected, it becomes easier to note the numerous advantages that come with it. From a fundamental view, there will always be a need for this type of property. While this investment may be associated with death, these lots are not solely intended for one’s death. These are intended to secure the well-being of one’s future. On the other hand, as an investment, these memorial properties are very much considered real estate and as such, will naturally appreciate in value. To demonstrate, a Golden Haven Cebu lot that cost P25,000 in 2005 would sell for P232,000. Now, an 828% increase in value and a 46% increase per year. Memorial parks in Manila costs almost double of their worth in provinces which makes them a prime investment.



Seen by many as the investment of the future, cryptocurrency is a form of online currency that can be used in exchange for goods and services. What separates cryptocurrency from the more traditional currency that we have grown accustomed to is the technology that cryptocurrency utilizes, more specifically, blockchains. A blockchain acts as the main form of security for cryptocurrencies as it is a decentralized chain of technology that manages and records transactions. A more overlooked concept of cryptocurrency is that more than simply acting as technological currency to be spent, different types of cryptocurrencies each have their own “use cases” separating them from the others. For example, the use case of Bitcoin, which we are all very familiar with by now, is its ability to store value. And on the topic of Bitcoin and to demonstrate the raw potential of cryptocurrency, 1 BTC was worth 1 dollar back in 2011; 10 years later, 1BTC is now worth nearly $60,000.

While cryptocurrency’s value is one of the most volatile among the investments, (meaning the value can very easily fluctuate) as the years go by, the cryptocurrency market has indeed proven that it is here to stay, most especially due to the number of new entrants in the past years such as Cardano and Ethereum. While still viewed by many as a wild card, it is now beginning to be seen by industry leaders as the currency of the future. As the generation of tomorrow, cryptocurrency is something that young professionals must definitely consider when assembling a portfolio.

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Endless Possibilities

Self Improvement

With the stock market in a stage of recovery, cryptocurrencies reaching all-time highs, and start-ups propelling at staggering rates, there is no doubt that now is the time to invest. As young professionals looking out for the future, the world of investing will always be a good place to secure your future. No matter which investment opportunity you pursue, whether it be the convenience that can be found in the stock market, the commitment that comes with start-ups and properties, the excitement that comes with the memorial properties, the volatility entailed by cryptocurrency, or even everyone of the investments mentioned, may you reap the endless rewards of these ventures and may they reflect in your soon-to-be-filled portfolio. Because as mentioned at the beginning of the article, in the world of investing, the possibilities are, almost quite literally, endless.

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Matthew Philip A. Ona
 is an intern at Golden MV Holdings, a Business Management student at De La Salle University Manila


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